Weird leaves and buds

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Seri, Aug 4, 2017.

  1. Week 2 of flowering...What is wrong with the leaves? And to me it looks like the buds are not forming properly. It looks different from my others. Could be a hermie?[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. I suggest this is a serious breeding error

    back in the day breeders used Gibberellic acid

    many quality grows to this day are still suffering the effects too

    including me just last month

    I put one down, with a very similar situation

    stay sharp

    good luck
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  3. Ya I don't want to take any chances, as this is one of 14 plants. I don't want to risk losing all of them. I decided to throw it out.

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  4. I'm going with lights too close up top and it's hurting plant. Also looks like you have a plant that needs magnesium and calcium..,deficient. It's just now starting to bud from what I see in pics so can't tell much about development yet. You can use twine and tie the tops down a bit to get them out of danger zone, but heat will get them fast. The better the temps, the better they grow.
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  5. I have been giving it cal magic every water and flora bloom. It had a cal/mag deficiency early on but never really recovered before i switched to flower. This one had problems from day one, unlike the others. Then there was a flood in my basement, 3 days into flowering. The ballast blew. they were in darkness for nearly 24 hours before i could find a lightbulb with enough lumens to keep them alive. they were under a 300 watt led for 2 days then my ballast came in the mail. So they went back under a 400 watt hps. The temps have been good and the tips are nowhere near the light or hood. I did notice the soil looks the same as it did when i overwatered a seedling once and it died (dark/wet looking on top of soil, dry and hard touch, plus has the weight is as if its full of water. And a white fungus growing on top) I think it is having a hard life. Anyway, i put it out of its misery tonight.

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