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  1. So I've been ripping hard on my new Arizer Solo all night and I'm high as fuck. Was just sitting here lost in thought and one thing led to another and I started thinking about how the human race was going to be doomed eventually by stupid or scumbag people having shit loads of kids while decent more established people are shown to have less kids, some want none at all and most others only want one or two. Meanwhile we have shitty people having like 6-7 kids living off welfare etc. Those shitty people are going to more likely than not(but not always), raise their kids to be shitty people as well. I'm sure I don't need to explain how over a long period of time this could really "water down" the human race, and possibly lead it to self destruction.

    Then I started thinking about different solutions, and eventually landed on a pretty fucked up thought on how to fix the earth. Genocide. Take over the world. Just start killing off all the gangsters, thieves, rapist, molesters, murderers, abusers, basically any person that could be a negative impact on society at all. Start with all the known people, and completely clear out prison systems around the world(Non-violent being the exceptions). Then making a very clear and public display of punishment to any future offenders, uniting all the country's under one name and one race. Earth. Human.

    From there it just kept going about world peace, ending hunger etc. I just couldn't shake the feeling of such a fucked up thought, though I couldn't really find a major flaw in it either.

    I guess what would you do to fix all the current problems of this world? Or what would you do if you attempted to take over the world?

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  2. :laughing:  What about the people who commit the genocide? It's an endless cycle.
  3. A necessary evil no? Assuming I had an army to do this bidding for me, they would be protected by my rule. Still a flaw I overlooked when I was in this thought process.
  4. That is seriously the worst idea I have ever heard.  By the way, killing off all the "murderers" makes you a murderer yourself.
  5. Then you become the evil dictator with the genocidal army.
  6. You're just a step ahead of us all.  Remember all your fellow blades in the future, don't kill stoners
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    And who are you to decide who is worthy of life or death? What about corrupt politicians? Con artists who steal millions from unsuspecting investors? Bullies? Abusive husbands? The homeless? The elderly? The mentally ill? The average citizen who will never do society any real good? Yourself? What the fuck have you done lately? The major flaw is that it's not your fucking call.
  8. Hence the Hitler vibe I felt when thinking about it. I agree it's fucked up, and yes it would make me a hypocrite, but it would make the world a better place would it not? Not just for you but for your children, and your children's children, and so on. Would and evil dictator really be so evil if he was actually making the world a better place? Even just by a little.
  9. There will always be offspring of people that will fuck it up eventually. You can't force the world to be perfect.
  10. You're one sick puppy, lol.
  11. I've had similar thoughts aswell, as I have also noticed the stupider end of society breeds larger amounts of children per family than what I would perceive the more intelligent memebers of society would.  So I too am afraid of what that will lead to in the future.  I've never though about genocide though as that is just clearly inhumane.  I was thinking more about child birth limitations no more than 3 or 4 something like that, I doubt society would ever allow such a law with such a motive though.
  12. Hahaha I must say I have walked a line very similar to this. Our concept involved shitty music and how to induce an environment that allows for the best music to prosper. In a sense pop music would be outlawed initiating a revolution of punk where an underground scene denounces the reign of censorship. The punk musicians would not be touched by the laws and regulation of the music industry would give grants to musicians of all genres so long as they could explain why their music furthers art and the human race. Of course it would never work and music should not be regulated but it was a funny idea to entertain the night shift.

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  13. *sigh*. It wouldn't work. You would be giving way too much power to a select few who control way too much. "Absolute power corrupts absolutely."


  14. Haha. Way to get all riled up :rolleyes:. Most of the people you mention fall under the "etc." The rest are just ridiculous strawmen. Nice job taking what I actually said out of context though. It's not necessarily what I've done, it's what I haven't done. I haven't killed, raped, stolen, beat, etc, etc, etc. Whether it's my call or not, doesn't mean the world wouldn't be that much better of a place without said people.

    I'm surprised you got so worked up over a random idea that could never possibly come to fruition (by my hands anyways) You should really take yourself down a notch or two.
  15. I'm not "worked up" I just think genocide is really stupid and do most in this thread. And so what if you haven't committed crime? If you aren't improving society you shouldn't be here, right? Just taking up space.
  16. You sure seemed to be. Maybe you should word your posts more carefully so you don't sound so bitchy(no offense). Sure genocide is really stupid and evil I'm not arguing against that, what I'm arguing is that the world would in fact be a better place without such people. Can you even argue that?

    @Bolded: See, these are your words, and not mine. So now who has the fucked up thoughts?
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    Innocence of a child. :laughing: A little violent, don't you think?
  18. Well that escalated quickly..  :hide:
  19. Who was that directed at?
  20. The thread.  :laughing:

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