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Weird F/X from Smoking

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by MagicGuy, Mar 15, 2003.

  1. Well, on Wednesday night I saw this video online of how to make a bong. I knew how, but my bongs never came out that good. I had trouble keeping it from leaking, finding good materials etc. This video showed exactly how to make a nice homemade bong that didn't leak and worked great.

    So, Thursday I decided to try it. I had like a nick of some mids left so I figured I'd just finish it. Holy shit, the bong was amazing. It worked perfect, better than some manufactured bongs I have tried. I hotboxed my bathroom. Let me tell you, I couldn't even finish what I had left -- there was still like a bowl left. I was totally stoned off of my ass. It's probably the highest I have ever been. I'm not an amateur by any means, I smoked just about every day...but holy shit, this was insane. I couldn't believe that I couldn't even finish what I had left.

    Anyways, the high was very strange. I had this squeezing sensation in my stomach. It felt like someone was squeezing my stomach and kind of massaging it. It wasn't a feeling of pain, but it was something that I couldn't describe. I have never tripped before, but really, it felt like I was. I was leaning over a chair and everything was in slow motion. Have you ever seen the smooth criminal video where MJ leans almost touching the floor? Well, it felt like I was doing that...leaning til I was touching the floor. It was nuts, because at the same time I had that sensation in my stomach. For a second, I thought I was going to pass out -- I cracked my window in the freezing weather to get some fresh air. I decided it was probably best if I laid down for a while. So I did, and slept for 6 hours lol. It was great...

    Anywaysm, just wanted to see if this has ever happened to anyone here. It was some crazy shit...I can't even describe it.
  2. yip.....i know those want to know what it was??.....Peace out.....Sid
  3. I think we all do. Don't leave us in suspense!
  4. were as high as a kite my friend....when you start forgetting things and think....i'll just lie down for 5 minutes.....and it ends up 5 out...Sid
  5. Haha! Kinda had a feeling that's what it was. That was the highest I've ever been...
  6. Yeah, I've been real high before. The first few times I smoked, it was out of awesome bongs and with very dank nugs. It felt like I was in one of those old time black and white slideshow movies. The kind Charley Chaplin used to be in. Everything was in color though, but it just felt like it wasn't real. Every motion was choppy and slow...

    It was awesome. Especially when we all went onto a tramplone at night. I cant even describe what that was like.
  7. my first time being that ripped (first high ever) i went to hockey practice while in one of those slideshow type things!! lol it was so fun.
    yeah i made a 2liter bong this summer and packed a bowl with some nice greens, and halfway through the bowl i found myself staring at the wall, it was cool
    after i finished the bowl i just sat there, and listened to marley and it was awesome

  8. haha..... i definately know what thats like... fun fun
  9. once i smoked a joint and for some reason i thought i was going thru the evolution of nintendo.

    1st was 8 bit
    2nd was 32 bit
    3rd was 64
    then i was back to normal
    all in a 10 minute timeframe
    then i couldent ride my bike
    only time its ever happened
  10. my favorite was when i was putting on a jacket and tying my shoes and i thought i was in the matrix, every movement i made seemed to be super-fast and i didnt have any feeling of control over what i did. it was awesome.

  11. whats the link to that site?
  12. It's actually a pretty sweet site. It has rolling videos, bong videos -- all types of fun shit. The site is called I didn't want to post it before because it is a store to, so it's kind of a competitor...
  13. yea man that happens to me sometimes. one time i loaded up like half a bowl and took the whole thing in in one hit. i coughed like a madman. then i was the highest i have ever been for the next four hours straight. it felt like my heart was gonna beat out of my chest. and i couldnt see at all. when i layed down on my bed it felt really heavy. like i couldnt lift my arms or my body. then all of a sudden i felt weightless. like i was floating. it was one hell of a high. it wierd but sometimes great highs just happen.

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