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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Hausen, Dec 3, 2003.

  1. Hey im new so i figured id tell my story.

    This happend about a year ago now.

    It all started out around 12:00 pm. Me and my friends went over to a buddys house to have a session. We got there and i was taking mad BT's. Once we were done i fell on the ground and couldnt move, my friend gave me something to drink and that gave me just enought engergy to get out the door and on my bike. Once we were riding i fell into a dreamy state. From what my friends told me i was yelling "This is bullshit, its just a dream let me out" I guess i rode down the middle of a mainstreet for about a mile and ended up at a park. The next day i woke up and i was at a boys and girls clucb sitting in the middle of the park sleeping.

    Sorry if my grammar sucks or anything.
  2. i might have made a comment but without knowing what bt's is i just dont get

  3. now that is a wierd experience I was gonna say the same thing
  4. What do you mean what!!? BT = Bong tokes
  5. dudes thats awesome, i wanna party with you!!!
  6. LOL thanks. :)
  7. Oh right,sorry never knew.
  8. The weed might hav ebeen laced if had such a weird effect, did you not remember anything from before waking up in the park.

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