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weird episode-dissosiation and hallucinations

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by split&melt, Nov 9, 2014.

  1. So its not my first time smoking. I have been for about a year but in the past 3 months have been doing it more regularly. I just got to college 2 months ago so my buddies and I have been scouting out good dealers and such in our new area. One of my friends has a friend who deals so we bought from him. He was a super nice guy, totally knew what he was doing. We bought an eighth for a decent price. 
    Well, we went to smoke it and I smoked no more than I usually do. But I had the weirdest reaction. I felt like I was disassociated from my body. As if I was standing next to my body controlling myself from an outside source. Nothing felt connected. Then I had some weird hallucinations and I thought my face was melting.This went on for 4 hours. I know it sounds like a load of bullshit but I swear to god it happened. My friend also had some weird thought that there was a group of people sitting near us when there wasn't, but her reactions weren't nearly as bad as mine. 
    Im not convinced it was laced because some other friends smoked it and they were without a doubt stoned but did not have as bad of a reaction that I did. I don't think it was an anxiety attack either because I was in no way worried or paranoid at all. Basically, I just need someone to shine a light on this situation. This has never ever happened to me before and Im not new to smoking either. Was it just some weird mental mind fuck of my own? Or was it just really potent weed?

  2. Where's Cball lately? I miss that guy and could never fill his shoes.
    We got 1 post propaganda wonder here folks.
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    Cball probably got tired of commenting on these posts, he hasn't been here in ages

    > You smoked too much. Thats it, take smaller hits next time too

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