Weird DXM question

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by crumz703, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. Ok so i'm kinda bored, i have some delsym that im saving for this weekend. But i also realized i have some robotussin cough "spoons" idk what they are, they kinda look like a plastic tampon. They have dxm and some other chemical in them called guaifenesin. Is it safe to take? Would it be safe to mix robo and delsym?
  2. No. DXM only. Guaifenesin will make you puke your brains out
  3. kk thanks dude
  4. you can still trip balls with guaff. pills/ yeah its not the best thing to do but alot of the cheap shit has it in it.. me and my friends used to call em "Guaffies" I hardly ever puked, dude to a mental trick i perfected over many years of tripping on dxm (involves constantly flipping your mind and thinking about the most random unrelated things you can as fast as possible as soon as you feel nauseous.. shit really works try it) but this one dude i know.. has seriously puked almost every single time he's taken anything with dxm in guaf or not.. soo some people can take it and others can't. its alot better to get kinds without guaf in them though, anyone can tell you that
  5. I've injested huge amounts of guaifenesin before by acident, and never puked because of it. I grabbed the wrong box the day I wanted to dex, and after I had already checked out I realized it. I could not just go back, and say....uh hey yoo um you see im gonna take all of this at the same so I can expand my mind, but this drug right here will make me puke if I take it, do you think I could exchange it for something else?

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