Weird Cop situation that just happend

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  1. So its 3:34 am and i just got home..quite dumbfounded actually. I needed to vent about what just happend..and hopefully get some nice perspectives on this.

    So after just a quiet night of smoking and video games with my friends, i take one of my buddies back to his house. Im parked in front of his house, car running, just sittin there shootin the shit talkin about whats goin on this weekend, etc etc...

    After about 10 minutes, a cop drives down his street...passes my parked(but running) car, goes down to the stop sign, does a u turn comes back and pulls about 20 feet behind me, parked, just his regular car lights on, no blue or reds.

    So i knew having him approach my car would be a dumb idea(i didnt have anything on me, but im sure my car smells like the good stuff n cigarettes) i tell my friend lets get out and just let him know whats up.

    We get out of the car, n i wave over to him...but he doesnt get out right away. Which was weird, but he eventually go out after about 2 minutes(which felt like forever) n comes over and starts talking.

    I let him know i was dropping him off and we were just BSing before he went inside..he immediately starts with the "have you guys been drinking or doing any drugs"


    Is there anything illegal in your car


    Well then what are you guys doing out this late on a wednesday night

    "just enjoying our last week of break before we go back to school"

    I remember those days, n you guys are both 21 yet your not doing anything illegal?

    "Nope, just hangin out with a few friends"

    Can i see your ID just to prove that it is your house?


    So we show em the ID's , and he takes them into his car and makes us wait outside.

    I have nothing on my record so i could care less about showing it to him.

    After what again seemed like forever, he gets out and gives us the IDS back.

    Im like "So is everything cool?"

    he responds "Idk you tell me, you guys looked pretty suspecious, you sure you werent smoking any weed or drinking"

    "No we werent"

    Are you sure theres nothing in your car?


    Ok well thanks for the cooperation, have a good night. and he was on his way.

    It was a very odd cop encounter, because for once i didnt have anything on me nor was i intoxicated in any way lol...but it was just his atitude towards us. We were being really cool with him and lettin him know nothin bads goin on but he still seemed like he had a point to prove. he was very sarcastic and actually shined his little gay flashlight in my eyes when he asked about the weed.

    Now my question is, if i have nothing on my record, but a while back i got pulled over for a break light out, and the cop found a few roaches in my car, but let me go with just a warning no ticket or anything filed...could that cop have put that on my record? Even if he filed no paper or tickets against me or my plate? Thats why makes me think he ran the weed question so much. But on the other hand, ive never been arrested, nor pulled over for a fault of my own bad driving.

    A very weird situation, and since he let us go..he cant write anything about us correct?
    Which answering that question..would kind of answer the one i just asked about the brake light situation.

    Anyways, sorry for the long read, just wanted to give yall a good perspective.

    Now please help me figure this out!

    Thanks again, and goodnight all:smoking:
  2. He was probably just running your plates to see if he could score an easy ticket.

    If you hadn't waved him over is likely none of that would have happened.

    Honestly, he probably just gets bored late at night, and you can't run plates if there's no driver in the car to ticket, so he's gonna do the only thing he can and run the plates of the only car with a driver in it.
  3. See thats the thing that bugged me, was us just sitting in the car with him behind me. I didnt want him to approach my car and treat the situation that way. I knew he wanted to know what we were doing, and was going to find out one way or the other. So i figured make it easy on everyone and just engage him first. Let him know we werent hiding anything. In a weird way it kind of backfired, but not so much because nothing bad happend. Its just the way it played out was very strange and sarcastic.

    I just cant stop thinking about whether they have the ability to touch your records/plates without filing a ticket and letting you know what they did. I understand if i have been arrested before n multiple problems that if they see my plates or me, that theres usually trouble. But thats not the case at all, but just that one time i really hope he didnt put something like "This kid smokes mad weed so when you pull him over search him"
  4. Why the fuck would you wave to a cop? That's like smacking a cobra on the back of the head!

  5. ahahahahahah fukin a man i laughed so hard
  6. Similar thing happened to me this summer. Me and two of my friends were going to my dealer and parked outside one house down from his. We had done this pretty much every day since June, and this incident happened in August, and I had never had problems parking there before. It is like 1:00 a.m. and after burning it down with my dealer, one of my friends grabs an eighth and the other a half of some AK. Well we decide to bounce and we go out to my car. I was taking my sweet time to start leaving and I see a car in my rear view so I decided to let him pass before I got on the road.

    Well just so happens this cars a cop and pulls up right behind us. Cop comes in and shines the light on us. My friend was trying to put my grinder in his pocket and the cop could see it clear as day. Cop takes it and asks us if we have anything else on us. My friend gave up his eighth, while me and my other friend deny having anything. (In the car was a 2 foot bong, I had a scale on me, and there must have been a shitload of roaches). Cop takes our licenses and everything but we come back clean and he let us go after taking the eighth and grinder.

    Since this encounter though I have been pulled over three times for bull shit traffic violations and had several cops follow me for long periods of time, so I think that my plates might have been tagged in some way to tip off cops. Just a heads up if you start to realize you're getting harrassed by cops a little more than usual.
  7. You did good until you gave him your ID. Use your rights man, you guys did nothing wrong so there was no reason for him to start asking you questions. That's what cops do, even if you didn't do anything wrong you could slip up and they could cuff you for suspicion of intoxication and you wouldn't be cleared until you took a test at the station.

    I can't stress enough how important it is to preserve your 4th amendment rights that prevent search and seizure. I suggest you read up a bit cause one of these days it will save your ass.
  8. Next time dont even talk to him.
  9. that amendment was destroyed with the patriot act fyi
  10. Yeah thats another thing that bugged me was I knew i didnt have to show him my ID, but i did because for once I wasnt doing anything wrong, so i just wanted to seem cooperative and get this over as fast as possible. Plus by refusing to show ID, would just have opened his mind to more stupid shit that we could have been doing.

    The thing that worries me though is that I have nothing on my record, no arrests, no tickets, but I have had a few run ins with cops, they never lead to anything..but I wonder if they can mark my record about these instances. Or since they let me go, they cant do shit about it after?

    N yeah plus me being a "Conspiracy Nut" as FOX/CNN would call me, I really didnt want to start challenging the cop, especially with the whole patriot act BS.

    Anywho, With him just sitting behind me, I hope waving to him was the right thing to do. I really did not want him to get out of his car, come over to mine and me have to roll down my window. His face could have been melted with the sweet smell of the ganja we smoked in it earlier. So thats why i got out and just dealt with the situation head on. He let us go...but still im worried he could have marked my shit or something
  11. If im not mistaken if you don't show your ID cops can arrest you and take you down to the station to confirm your identity. So it was probably the right move to show ur id.
  12. Neighbors probably called the police on you

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