Weird CBD plant, maybe auto?

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  1. Dana Larson is running a campaign and part of that is him giving away 100 cbd seeds called freedom dream. So i popped one in just to see what would happen.

    It's under 24 hours of light... do you think maybe it's an auto? Lots of flowering sites one her
    Whatcha think? [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. I thought it was revegging..nope it was always on 24/0 since birth

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  3. autoflower 100%
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  4. And yet you weren't told it was an Auto?

    ^^^^^ - THIS is why I think most so called breeders are a total and complete joke. 90% of them never take the required several years it takes to crossbreed, backcross, over and over to properly stabilize varieties before they sell them and this inevitably results in Hermaphroditism and other issues.

    There's no doubt in my eyes, at least that you ended up with something different than you were led to believe.


  5. Woah woah J! They were completely free seeds in support of MJ legalization and uses more for novelty and to make a.point than to get someone high haha,
    They're very basic and generic so.i don't expect much just wanted to try it out.

    They give 100 because they probably have crap genetics and they can produce for the masses. They do want you to plant them in parks and stuff

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    Looks like about 3 weeks in flower.

    No way to control it. It's completely Automatic...

    I love that funk guitar.

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