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Weird Bud? Need some opinions.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Big D Johnson, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. Hey GC,

    I have been smoking for a few years now, and ive never seen anything like this. I bought some bud and while I was baking a bowl i noticed that at one point one of the little buds held a flame for a few seconds. Also now i have a bitch of a cough. is this weird? Just to let you all know, the bud didnt seem all the way cured, but ive never had a bud hold a flame before. it just struck me as weird. any opinions?
  2. Uh, buds cath on fire sometimes man. Sometimes a seed or stem gets in the bowl and the smoke is terrible.
  3. smoke with a show sounds fun. maybe some unflushed ferts:confused:
  4. sometimes when you pack a bowl and you have some leafy bits on top they will catch fire and pop up almost out of the bowl
  5. Happened to me also when i got hash.
  6. if it burnt fairly fast also i would say its super dry, that would explain it giving off a flame well two. dry bud can also be harsher, giving you the cough.

    if you have more of the same put a orange/lemon/banana peel in your jar/bag for an hour or 2, should bring it to life again.
  7. was the bud real leafy??

    ive had that happed with some leafy danks

    lol it could have been some dry ass shwagg though lol
  8. That happens to me sometimes if I have really kiefy bud, when the bowl is almost cashed, and if I'm smoking a bowl with kief on it. Other than that it doesn't happen.

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