Weird Angled Blank Closet; Help me turn into Plant Heaven!!

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  1. Hooray for grow spaces! Turning a blank canvas/normal everyday space into your secret society work station for orgasmic, organic goodness!!! Hooray :wave:

    Welcome everyone. I would like ANY and ALL suggestions for how to turn the closet below into a plant pumping machine from now until april of 2012. Below is my light information as it stands right now and the pictures of the space...

    I have bought a 6pack of 26w, soft white (2700k), 1600 lumens each bulb..

    So right now I think my light statistics stand at:
    156 Total watts
    9600 Total lumens

    Do you (anybody) think that this will be enough light for this space:
    And what are your suggestions to turn this closet into a plant pumping turnstyle!???

  2. This isn't a college dorm is it?
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    i See alot fo potential for that space. More light is better but you have enough to get some seedlings/clones started. Best of Luck!

    edit: I believe the color spectrum of those bulbs will be good for flowering but you need some more in the blue spectrum for veg. Around 5500k-6500k will veg your plants alot nicer then the red spectrum of those bulbs you have now.

  4. Of course not bro.

  5. Yes I'm aware of the color spectrum I have right now. I was advised to go this route as well as 12/12 straight from seed because I'm using bagseed. I will more than likely however grab a CFL for vegging.

    I am more concerned about the setup of the room right now though. I want to get it setup so I can start going.
  6. That's a dorm room.

  7. Bro I already told you it isn't.

    GTFO of my thread if you're not going to bring a positive vibe or be helpful in any kind of way.

  8. no..its the closet of the control tower at jfk so just do you care where he's growin:rolleyes:

    ok ts...your gonna need some 6500k or 5500k bulbs for veg..would get 6 more..then your can use both at same time for a full spectrum the door gonna be open or closed during lights on..would get some flat white paint..reflective if ya see it..and paint the whole inside..then we gotta figure how to mount you light..i would say 4 plants max in thinkin' smell and temp control:smoking:might consider a scrog to max yeild
  9. Yeah, see I'm pretty worried about painting the inside of it because all of the maintenance calls go through the landlord - and even though I wouldn't be doing a maintenance call for him to paint it for me - the Landlord would know it was done without her consent. Plus the walls are not flat at all... the walls on the inside of that closet are like the weird spikey texture on ceilings!

    I wanted the door to stay shut as much as possible because I don't want anybody knowing whats in there of course...

    There are no outlets near it though which will give me a run for my money trying to cover up all of the wires I'll have leading into it for lighting and such.

    What other methods are there for reflection that isn't expensive like I heard mylar is??
  10. what about bug guy..inspections...etc..are you notified:smoking:
  11. Well I should be notified for all of that stuff... not exactly sure if I will be or not because i'm not sure how communication will be in the household with two roommates I will be meeting for the first time when they move in.

    Other than that though, I can easily get locks for the room which the closet is in.
  12. I see all of you guys viewing this part of Grasscity! Come on vets, and experienced blades. Please, offer some help.

  13. :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

    You was thinking 4 plants, I was thinking more like 2 and a little extra space for the plants to have in flowering. I am concerned about your ventilation really, if you want the door closed a majority of the time then I am not sure how you will vent hot air without cutting holes in the walls.

    Figure out the venting issues and then we can move forward.

  14. mylar is cheap, and prob the right solution. Ventilation and smell are your biggest worries, because ideally you would be able to cut holes into the walls/door for vents. Might have to create a contraption that will run in and out air. And i would probably only do 2 plants and scrog
  15. yea another route to go if you're worried about the price of mylar are those reflective thermal blankets. you can get them at the outdoor section of most department stores.
    if you want the door to stay closed you're gonna probably have to cut a hole in the door for exhaust. if you cant cut a hole in the door, you can always go to home depot and buy a really cheap door. usually like $40.
    if you're planning on just using CFL's, plan to spend some money on all the sockets and cords and just the general pain of trying to get them all placed correctly. you'll want at least 100 ACTUAL, not equivalent, watts of CFL's per plant.
    if you're only doing one, maybe 2 plants, you might be better off looking into a cheap 150 or 250 watt HPS. would work a bit better:wave:
  16. I was trying to turn my weird angled shaped midget closet to a little room with a 250 watter in there.. it didn't work out. Too many thing came into play with fans and ventilation and cutting holes into ceilings or into the door. I couldn't do that because it would look obvious to friends and family. With some CFLs or MAYBE a 150w HPS maximum you MAYBE could cool that closet, but ventilation will be key. Where do you want to pull in cool air? and where to push out hot air?

    You live in an apartment? May get hard, you should throw a little tent or make one for the closet, or edit a big TV cabinet, or a tall dresser. Big decision with the inspections and the decisions on cutting circle holes into the landlords place. I dont know, but I'll be here to help in any way I can.
  17. and no way your keepin' a grow from your roommates;)unless their total shortbussers:D

  18. I suppose so :(

    Yeah, I wasn't thinking four plants would go in there.. maybe if done in 1 or 2 gal pots throughout the entire grow.

    I'm not sure what I'm going to do for the ventilation. The door doesn't even shut entirely. It's one of those issues where you push the door closed all the way and it just bounces back open at a slight angle... If I keep the door open for ventilation purposes... there wouldn't be anyway I could put the girls in to their night-night time..nor do I know what I would use to keep the light in.

  19. That is the exact question - how would I be able to get air in and out of there..

    I'm not living in an apartment, it is off-campus housing.

  20. do you have privacy in your room? you could always just get a grow tent and set up the tent in your bedroom. thats that i did at first and worked out great:wave:

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