Weird Acid Trip

Discussion in 'General' started by jasonjasonjason, Apr 23, 2006.

  1. Hey guys

    Last night I met up with one of my good friends I havent seen in a few months, to my surprise she had one single windowpane hit of acid, which I bought for....20 dollars. Yes I know a total rip off but I love acid and havent done it since January, so I didnt really care. Anyways I took it around 11:10 and then drove around and smoked with the girl that sold it to me, but the time I dropped her off and got to my house it was 12:30 and I was tripping pretty good. The lines on my stiped sheets on the bed were going nuts and the carpet was blowing in the wind. This lasted from about 1am-3am, and then from 3am on I just had mild "bulges" appear in objects and of course tracers everywhere. I fell asleep around 6am and its now 11am, I barely even slept but I feel awake right now...

    ANyways do you guys think its possible it was a different drug? Or was it just weak acid:eek:
  2. Sounded like ok acid. Couldn't have been anything else.
  3. Have you ever tried salvia 10x extract? I tried it about a week ago and had the most incredible experience. I was in a complete other world for about 19 minutes, pretty intense.

  4. don't you have to smoke salvia? i've never done it so not sure,
  5. yeah you smoke the extract, but sometimes people make a quid out of the leaves and chew it. i've done it and it tastes nasty. smoking the leaves gives you almost no effect at all, but the extract will knock you off your feet and into another dimension.
  6. i cant wait til i get Acid, ive never done it..Ive always wanted too lol, im gettin it and goin to Vegas Baby!
  7. well it was only one hit maybe thats why it lasted so short, but dude it sounds like you had a great time and that it was really acid. glad you had fun, unless youre complaining?
  8. I mean yeah it was fun and all, like I sat outside and looked at the stars melt and move around, and the trees looked awfully human, but 20 bucks for a 4 hours trip? I dunno I guess thats good considering I could have spent the 20 on a blunt and just gotten high for a few hours, Im glad I did it, but usually when I take one hit I have the same level of tripping but it lasts 6-8 hours not 4
  9. Don't think of it in monetary terms. Tripping is priceless.
  10. sounds like some weak acid to me. the sleeping thing is beyond me. i never sleep as it is and when i dose i am up forever

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