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  1. hey i am still kinda new to this and i was woundering what is the normal weight in grams for 1/8 1/4 1 ounce you know things like that. any help will be appericated. thanks. peace all. -cyborgfromhell
  2. 1/8- 3.5 g
    1/4- 7g
    1 oz- 28 g
  3. thank you for your reply. how much should each cost me for some average bud? i have lost my dealer so that is what is up with the questions. again thanks for your reply. peace -cyborgfronhell
  4. it all depends man, where you live, whos your hook up..look around the forum for different prices, theres lots of threads on this subject already floating around.
  5. educational! hehe
  6. an average price would be 45 an eighth for some good stuff
  7. if you're in a bigger city you can usually expect to pay a little less... maybe 10-15 a gram (dank of course), 35-40 an eigth, and maybe 70-80 a quarter. if you're out in the burbs it's usually more around 20 a gram, 50 an eigth (more or less depending on the dealer), and between 90 and 100 (or more) for a quarter... a lot of things have to be considered though. mainly where you live, the guy you get from, and how much he pays (the more he pays the more he's gonna charge you for it). so if you have a pretty big time dealer he'll usually charge less because he's got good hookups and such.
  8. geez im only paying 25-30 bucks 1/4 oz and its some killer smoke and no one sells grams around here just 1/4 and higher but yes ive been places that sell weed mainly by the gram
  9. J-sin, sounds like the black markets are simmilar in our areas. lol

    By the gram? Yikes!

    Once in a while you find people who will sell you an eighth. (I hate to sell them myself... they just look so small... and in this instance size does matter lol)

    Not a bad post 9-11 price for a quarter though. I'm happy to find a quarter for 50 bucks any more. :(
  10. a quarter of what? dank or mids? we get some pretty good high mids for $50 a quarter around here. for dank it's 90-100 though.
  11. We must have a weird market around here. We don't generally have definite price differences for different qualities. Perhaps it's just that we're used to having things the way we want it; nothing over $50 unless it's so damned good that it rolls its self.

    And I can't even really quote accurate prices any more. Since the serious crackdown on the boarders after 9-11-01 it has been scarce around here.

    We went from having several customers and buying pounds at a time to being happy to find a quarter of personal within a year after 9-11-01.

    In the good ol' days we'd sell a quarter for $40 of very good shit. We knew a grower who was very nice to us and sold QP's for $375. We just didn't deal with the bunk shit. If we didn't like it we didn't buy or sell it.

    Now I suppose there is a difference in the prices according to quality. But now we're down a few rungs on the ladder of evil dealers, which has to throw things off some. If it's really good they might be asking for as much as $70 per quarter, but I wouldn't be payin'. I've paid as much as $60 for a quarter, but that's even way too much. Anything over $60 and we go without.

    Damn..... I need to start growing. lol

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