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Weight, Slang & Price

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by iTz oPiTeR, Nov 13, 2009.

  1. #1 iTz oPiTeR, Nov 13, 2009
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    Ok, so I have been smoking with friends for about 6 months just kinda messing around and now I am looking to start buying. I have been looking around and confused as fuck on the slang terms for weed and the different weights. :confused: So as a newb I would like to make this thread and confirm/update what I have collected thus far.

    Weight----------Weight (Grams)----------Slang--------------------------Rough Price (Seattle, Wa.)

    Pound-------------453g------------Pound, Full, Lb, BIG Zip-----------------3000$-3200$ USD
    Half Pound---------226g---------------HP, Half Pounder--------------------1500$ USD
    Quarter Pound-----113g------------QP, Quarter Pounder------------------750$ USD
    Ounce-------------28g----------------Ounce, Oz, O, Zip -----------------180$-220$ USD
    1/2 Ounce---------14g--------------------Half, 1/2------------------------90$-120$ USD
    1/4 Ounce----------7g--------1/4, Quarter, Quart Lb. W/ Cheese---------60$-75$ USD
    1/8 Ounce---------3.5g------------------1/8, Eighth-----------------------30$-45$ USD
    1/10 Ounce---------1g-----------------1/10, Dime Bag---------------------10$-20$ USD

    Please correct me on anything that may be incorrect and set me on the right path. I know this is a big question for newbs, and I will be updating this as it becomes more accurate, possible sticky?

    Thanks for the help and info.

    EDIT: New price chart set at 10$/Gram, i know this may be way to high or way to low but since its a median im just going to post this. Also note that this chart was made flat, meaning there is no discount for larger quantities that most dealers would abide by.

    New Chart:
    Weight(Lb./Oz.)--------Weight(G.)-------------Slang------------------Price @ 10$/Gram(USD$)

    1 Pound (Lb.)----------453 Grams (G.)---------Pillow Sack------------$ 4530.00 USD
    1/2 Pound (Lb.)--------226.5 Grams (G.)-------Half Pounder-----------$ 2265.00 USD
    1/4 Pound (Lb.)--------113.25 Grams (G.)------Quarter Pounder--------$ 1132.50 USD
    1/8 Pound (Lb.)--------56.62 Grams (G.)-------Eighth Of A Pound------$ 566.20 USD
    1 Ounce (Oz.)----------28 Grams (G.)----------Full Ziplock-----------$ 280.00 USD
    1/2 Ounce (Oz.)--------14 Grams (G.)----------Half An O--------------$ 140.00 USD
    1/4 Ounce (Oz.)--------7 Grams (G.)-----------Quarter----------------$ 70.00 USD
    1/8 Ounce (Oz.)--------3.5 Grams (G.)---------Eigth------------------$ 35.00 USD
    1/10 Ounce (Oz.)-------2.8 Grams (G.)---------Dime Bag---------------$ 28.00 USD
    1/16 Ounce (Oz.)-------1.75 Grams (G.)--------10 Sack----------------$ 17.50 USD

    Is this correct?
  2. O is 28g

    Half O 14g

    Quarter 7g

    Eighth 3.5g
  3. K, thanks and updated.
  4. Prices vary so much depending on your area. Bows around here are around 5+ and the nuggets are not even that great.
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    A 1/4 is 7g and an 1/8 is 3.5. A dimebag of swag in my area is 3g but ive heard ppl refer to .5g bags of dank as dimes.

    Ounces are normally 28g and a half is 14g. As for price it depends on were u live.

    Also, i had a friend u called Quarter pounds "Quarter pounder with chesse"

    EDIT: Mooo beat me to it!
    EDIT2: A pound is 454g
  6. Hahaha, added that.
  7. Just before you think about picking up know a few things.
    Don't let many people know what you are doing, make sure your connect is trustworthy, don't meet up with people, never short a soul and most importantly be safe and smart.
  8. u forgot... HP-half pound QP-quarter pound
  9. #9 iTz oPiTeR, Nov 13, 2009
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    Thanks, Pokin and Killer - I added half pounds and quarter pounds. Also re-checked the higher quantities of weight and modified them a bit.

    Also updated the original post. This chart made more sense to me and seemed cleaner.
  10. dude do you really need a chart? don't your friends get weed you said? you must know someone where you live thats knowledgeable on the subject of how much weed can you get for said amount of money. it ain't that hard to remember
  11. a teenth is 1.75 not .87.
  12. #12 hulmiflas, Nov 13, 2009
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    Thanks, Pokin and Killer - I added half pounds and quarter pounds. Also re-checked the higher quantities of weight and modified them a bit

  13. dude you're in Florida (me too:hello:) this guys in Seattle, prices are different everywhere. get a clue.
  14. Wouldn't 1/10 be 2.8g?
  15. Pretty sure the system of measure is the same in Seattle. 1/16 of and ounce is 1.75g anywhere..
  16. Your whole chart is fine, but you really didn't have to go through all of that. Its pretty simple, most of the time I'll buy either quarter or half ounces at a time. My dealer knows this, so whenever I call him and say "Hey man, could I get a quarter?" he knows I mean a quarter ounce. Same if I said Half.

    As for prices, thats one thing about bud that is uncontrollable. Its out of our hands, unless we're the ones selling. Prices vary so much from dealer to dealer, area to area, that its impossible to make a general estimate of the average cost of bud in one particular area, unless you live there. So, what might be cheap for some, might be expensive to others across the country.

  17. my bad thought i read tener for w/e amount
  18. I made a stupid mistake in the math, i did that chart because i am visual and i was unable to sleep at 4 in the morning bored. After i re did them i came up with 2.8g because an ounce is 28g / 10 = 2.8g

    isnt that correct? and not 1.75?
  19. dood slang is different everywhere. you cant make a universal chart for weed terms. well i suppose you can, but it wont be the same for everyone
  20. 1/16 is 1.75g

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