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Weight of a dime

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by krazy92, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. So my friend is a complete dumbass and he is trying to tell me a dime weighs out to 1.8gs and I say, no dude its 1g - 1.3ish depending on who the dealer is. He says a nickle is .9 grams.

    I finally start saying u know how stupid you sound because why would they call something a dime which indicates a 1 and a 0 and a nickle which idicates a 5. So I need a post on GC to prove him wrong.
  2. A dime is ten dollars worth of weed... at least where I'm from. And a nickel is five... though, who seriously buys a nickel bag?
  3. depends on the weed. a dime of some mids or beasters is 1.0 grams and a nick is .5 but a dime of some dank is .5 and a gram is 20 bucks
  4. To me a dime is 10$ worth of weed which normally is 1-1.3gs of reggies. When you get into the dank shit the pricing changes, but the scaling stays the same. And teenagers with no jobs buy nickles btw.

    Me personally I like to buy half zips at a time.
  5. For me, a dime just means .7g, since I pay $25 for a half eighth and $100 for a quarter.

  6. What the hell are you buying lol
  7. At first I thought you meant how much the coin weighs out to on a scale. Heh.

    A dime is normally $10 worth of weed.

    Those are pretty standard prices for dank.
  8. Around here it's $5/g for mids. 1.8 is a good dime in my opinion...I would never pay $10 a gram around here unless it went super silly retarded out-of-this-world dry.

    $5 blunts allll daaaaaay
  9. Quoted from my guide which is stickied at the top of the page in order to give you easy access so that you may read it and not make posts like this!

  10. +rep!!!
  11. One "official" ounce is by weight 28.349 grams. Let's call it 28.3g (even though some call 1oz at 28.4g). By using this as a starting point:

    One half ounce is 14.15g; call it 14.2g.
    One quarter ounce is 7.075g; call it 7.1g.
    One eighth is 3.53g, call it 3.5g.

    If one eighth is 3.5g, and costs half of your cost of a quarter of the same pot, you should be spending $15 - $20 on this. Based on that, cut it in half and you have a dime:

    One dime would be approximately 1.768g (still coming from 28.3g as one ounce).
    One nickel would be approximately 0.884g - half of a dime, since it costs half the price.

    I have never in my life bought a dime that I didn't get at least 2 joints out of, sometimes 2 joints and a bowl or even 3 joints. That sounds correct because my joints weigh in at just about .75g (x2=1.5g). This is based on the fact that the more pot is broken down, it has more "work" put into it, and thus costs more. This is why a quarter can cost $30, but a full ounce of the same pot from the same dealer only costs $100 or $110, when 4x$30=$120. Thus, you would actually say that your smaller bags (dimes & nickels) actually cost way more than your quarter/half/full ounce. With that in mind, our dime should actually weigh out to LESS than the calculated number of 1.768g.

    With all this said, most dimes have weighed 1.5g in my 8 years of smoking. Most nickels have weighed about 0.75g.

    Remember that you should always ask to see your weight on a digital scale, and see it be zeroed out with nothing on it. Also, if you can peek UNDER the table of the scale, some crooked dealers will add weight to the bottom of the weight table - this only works if they don't show you when they zero it out and add the pot. You can get a good small set of your own digital scales most anywhere for about $20. Also remember that Ziploc-type bags weigh more than the foldable sandwich baggies, which weigh anywhere from 1.0g to 1.3g themselves, and the variance comes from manufacturing - no two bags in a back are going to weigh the EXACT same. That +/- 0.3g can be found within any box of bags.

    Hope all this helps your dispute.
  12. dude that's a good deal for 10

    for me it's a gram of trees
  13. Mathematically yes . But just like any other deal on any other product , buying more yeilds spending less .
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    wowwww, i guess the term "dime" varies a lot from region to region.. where i live in MN when we say we want a "dime" we're usually referring to 1.5 grams of bud, and then the prices vary from like 5 dollars if it's swag to 20-25 if its mids/beasts and 30 if its DANK (35 sometimes if its a novelty breed, however that depends too considering i can get AK47 for 20 bucks a dime--and that's also dank.. so it, for some dealers, would sell for about 30 bucks a dime.. I'm just lucky that me and the people i know know this guy)
  15. #15 Saint Dogg, Aug 17, 2008
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    It all depends on the price of weed in your area, a Dime is $10.00 worth of weed and a Nickel is $5.00. Some people who live in a area where dank is $20.00 a gram get .5 for a dime and .25 for nicks (places where weed is this high people tend not to sell nicks unless there peddlers.) As in the area I'm in Dank is $5.00 a gram so its 2g's for a dime or 1g as a nickel. I suggest you buy wieght though as most dealers tend to charge less for quads and up compared to how much there alctually worth if sold off in nicks/dimes.... Imho People who sells nicks n' dimes arn't dealers there peddlers turning small profit from buying in weight...
  16. Well said. The only way I could get a dime or nickel is becuase I know my guy very well and he would prob just front me a cut anyways .
  17. u guys are getting fucked...

    dime-315[eighth] 4 i hate buying those there awkward
    quarter for the 20-7
  18. ^
    no, they aren't buying dirt

  19. ive seen dirt

    and i dont fuck with that
    give u a headache
    we just have an abundence coming in from all directions

  20. If you're getting 3.5g for 10 dollars, you sure as hell aren't getting dank.

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