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Weekend Summary

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Lucid_Reality, Apr 7, 2003.

  1. How was everyone's?

    Mine went a little like this:

    Attached Files:

  2. Mine was pretty much the same smokin with the friends and drinkin a lil alco...:smoke::smoking:
  3. My Friday sucked....I slept most of the day Saturday....tripped on DXM that night, came home Sunday afternoon, went to work, and now I'm here.

    My weekend was kinda lame

  4. :( sorry to hear about the lameness...

    well, to sympathize, i gotta quit for another couple weeks now...this weekend was just kind of a relief for me :)

    i'll be enjoying the high life again on april 17th when school's done :)

  5. Friday: got high with the dude I'm dating or whatever
    Saturday: was gonna go camping and drink/smoke, but it was a little bit too cold
    Sunday: Worked on a project for school, and went over to Zack's house. That's they guy I'm dating.

    Nothing wonderful.
  6. i had a pretty decent weekend.

    friday: woke up, got last check from papa john's, got stoned. went to work (at McD's), left work, got stoned again. went to friend's house, got more stoned, grabbed bukket, went back to work (McD's), ripped bukkets with co-workers and managers... went home, went back to sleep.

    saturday: woke up, got stoned, went to work, came home, crashed.

    sunday: repeat of saturday:
  7. Worked on the Grow guide program all weekend!:)

  8. nice! do you have anything planted yet??

  9. lol. hey told, are we gonna get started on the Grasscity growguide or what? thats what the program is for, so people can download a clean package of basic info on growing to have all the time. Sid has a shitload of info, I think all we need is a flash programmer *cough**cough* and we've got a Grow faq![​IMG]
  10. Friday: Talked to weed contact who said he couldn't deliver till next weekend.

    Saturday: Sat at home bored...found an old dime bag...pretty rounchy (not good). Found out someone on here lives near me.

    Sunday:Changed the horses water. Went and bought some cigs.

    Exciting huh?
  11. Friday: .... shit i forget... oh ok.. left school early, went to Cali's n smoked a few hooka hits. uh... i did somethin else that day... then i drove a firebird whilst smoking the blunts.

    Sat: smoked a few roaches before work (didnt get high) went to work for 8.5 fucking hours.... got off of work at 9, had to break into my dads car at 9:30... went to my cousins house... smoked the reefer on many occasions... then i drank a bunch of beer... then drank it backwards (puked my guts out), then we came back to his house n we all smoked a lil out of his steam roller. Then we turned his steam roller into a water bong (creative, aint we?) put icewater in it.... gave Jimmy (Stylez) about 15 shotguns while he slept.

    Sun: Came home n worked at 4, came home at nine, called my dealer friend n got about a fat blunts worth and did my senior theme. :p it sucked... i would have much rather stayed home the whole time n smoked with Jimmy.

  12. ya...i was stoned in fact ;)
  13. Friday I got back from class and all my friends were away so I lit up and sat around. Ordered a pizza and it came at 8:45...about the time a friend showed up. The stupid pizza place didn't cut my pizza so I ate it calzone style. We watched a movie or two and then went to bed (earlier than usual for a friday night)

    Saturday my friends were doing community service for extra credit in a class so I smoked some more. Eventually we got together and this straight edge girl we know said she wanted to get drunk so we went to our R.A. and lined up some beer. We got a 12 pack and a 6 pick of Southpaw Light (nastiest beer ever). I smoked and drank, my guy friend drank, and the girl we were trying to get drunk had less than 1/3 of a beer. So I got to where I was feeling real good and went to sleep after I kicked everyone out of my room at like 2:30.

    Sunday I went to my grandparents to do laundry and get a good meal. When I got back to my room I just watched 3 or 4 movies and went to bed. So basically I did nothing this weekend.

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