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Discussion in 'General' started by Fëanor, Mar 18, 2006.

  1. Alright, here's the deal. Right now I've got a decent job, working as an accountant Mon-Fri 8-5, making decent money. It pays the bills but not much more than that.

    Today when I was in at my regular smoke shop buying my gravity bong, the owner offered me a job. He said that the lady he has working right now (who, by the way, is pretty cool) just doesn't know enough about the pieces. He said that he wants someone who knows more about the stuff he sells. It would be a weekend job, probably like 5 hours/day on Saturday and Sunday. Probably not much pay, I'm guessing $6-7/hour, it will probably be under the table though which is nice. Also, he would probably have no problem if I wanted to step outside and smoke a joint when it's not busy.

    So, here I've got

    - Extra Cash
    - Work at a head shop, how sick is that? Talk about loving your job
    - Even better discounts on pieces, etc.
    - Can be high as fuck and smoke at work, no worries

    - Deal with stupid shit kids trying to not show ID, and also dealing with the ones that try to steal when I turn 'em down
    - Burn up my weekends. I might be able to fix it so that I work Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons, but I dunno. On the bright side it's a job that I could do hungover/tired/whatever.

    I'm thinking of taking it . He said to take a couple weeks to think about it, also that gives him time to fire the other lady or whatever. He's offered me a job before, but I was looking for something full-time and high paying back then and he was only offering 1-day a week.
  2. i'd take it, but don't go into with such high expectations.... i doubt he'd be down with you tokin outside (as if head shops don't get enough attention- doubt he wants that possible headache) it'd still be a fun job, and though you'd be giving up weekend times, you have all night to party (i'm guessing it closes 'round 7) and his sunday morning hours can't be too bad (plus if you're too hungover to cope, it's only 5 hours)....anyway, hope you take it and enjoi it!
  3. I think it would be awesome to have a part time job at a headshop.

    I think all the pros outweigh the cons, plus im fairly sure youll have some fun working there. Headshops aren't exactly uptight places to work, they're so laid back.

    The stupid kids is the only downfall.

    Personally I would jump on it, gotta love the discount. :hello:
  4. I don't know. You've got a really steady, respectable job going. I imagine being an accountant is hard and very stressful, so wouldn't you just want to relax on the weekends? The pay doesn't sound very good either... I say you make the weekends your own personal time and just relax at home. If I was in your position, I wouldn't take the job. :)
  5. Man take the job, its at a headshop. Think about telling your kids/grandkids that when you were younger you worked at a headshop. Even if the pay isnt that well and its weekend hours. You will get to see and get at discount the most badass pieces to come in. Take the job
  6. take that shit dude
  7. lucky ass, i tried getting a job at my headshop, well actually not very hard. i asked how i would go about getting one and the guy was like well we do not have applications but you can submit your resume to us( lets just day im not big on doing "extra activities" and my resume is SHIT) so i havent bothered to turn it in yet. altho i doubt there is MUCH to qualify you for that kind of job

    DEFINATELY take that job :smoke:
  8. if you can't get anything else then hell yeah for right now that sounds awesome!
  9. TAKE IT! At least for a little while.
  10. That'll be like an extra $60-$70 in your wallet for getting high and looking at bongs all day.

  11. Yeah you should definitely take it like right now
  12. if you are really about glass, the extra cashflow+discounts would be crazy but im too much of a bum to give up the whole weekend, see if you can work like just sat or sun instead of both.
  13. depends how much u need the money mate?? value hard cash over your free time?
  14. Damn, working 7 days a week, that may be a little harsh, but whatever, take the job.
  15. I've worked at a head shop before.. we used to just smoke in the bathrooms and tell customers or anyone else that walked in that the bathroom was out of order because it reaked so terribly of weed :)

    It was a fun job, but I didn't make much money... and half of the people that walked in there were underage and you had to deal with their shit.. they would try and steal the little 5 dollar metal pipes and bolt down the road, so i'd have to chase them, beat em down, and get the pipe back
  16. Ha! I work 7 days a week. Between work, school, practice(musician) and travel in between I'm up to almost 70 hour work weeks. Beat that muthafucka!

    Oh yeah, take the job. It would be a like a vacation and free money. It's an easy fun job doing something you love. I think most of the customers would be cool and you'll get good stories about the ones who aren't cool(I've got some doozies after 7 years in retail). Good discounts and some extra cash? Do it. If you don't like, just be cool with the owner, I'm sure he would understand it. In fact, I bet he might even like it if you only worked one day on the weekend if that's what you want to do.
  17. I'd take the job, assuming I wouldn't be working every friday and saturday night. Otherwise that's just money to spend on weed.
  18. yeh, bringing in some extra cash is always decent as long as you're not raping, murdering, and pillaging for it, which you're not, obviously.

    I'd at least give it a try, if you start feeling the need to sleep in on weekends or just having some free time on hand, see if you can't find somebody to suggest as a substitute for a little while (make sure it's somebody you and the owner can trust, blah blah blah). Anyway, that's my two cents. Sounds pretty sweet though man.

    Hey, question tho. How much do you need to know about the pieces to work at a headshop? How bad was this lady? Did she not know the difference between a diffuser and an ice catcher or something? Or was it worse than even that and she didn't know the difference between a bong and a bubbler?

    OR, do you need to know MUCH more than that (i.e. "This bong, crafted by such and such company, is built with 7 mm of pyrex glass. Precision crafted downstem allows for the easiest and smoothest of draw for your favorite smoking blend. blah blah blah.") This is just my own high curiosity, so feel free not to answer if it's too much of a dumbass question.
  19. i had a buddy work in a head shop and he loved it because he and the owner became good friends so now if its a glass/metal spoon/pipe that he wants the owner just gives it to him and on bongs and bubs he gets like a 70% discount and on hookahs he gets like a 40% discount. he says its kind of worth it since there were some underage kids come in and try to pass off the whole fake id or try to steal from the shop he would get thier names, get the pieces back, pick them up and thrw them out of the store and then tell his boss and they would be put on the fake id/shoplifter list and they wouldnt be alowed back in the store ever

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