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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by dizzysavage, Feb 1, 2002.

  1. I just wanted to know if there were any other highs schoolers who can smoke during the week... I can't smoke AT ALL during the week cuz when im at home my parents well they obviously wont let me i can only do it on the weekends when im at friends houses but its so easy to get but its pricy where i live 20$ a G its crazy i wish i could grow but oh well once i move out tho i got to weeds the only thing keepin me from havin a stress attack im in a big family..... thank you herb...
  2. If you want to smoke at home, just go in the bathroom and blow your toke into the fan. The best time is right before you take a shower, the room has more time to air out. Air freshener doesn't hurt either.
  3. i use lots of drops, and i go in my garage to toke up, nobody really cares about me, all i do is sleep all day so if i wanna sneek out i can nobody ever looks for me. i guess i'm lucky that way.
  4. hey listen to my method...maybe it'll take some of the edge off from not being able to smoke during the weekday..

    the shower idea is a great one. what I just use my one hitter, blow the smoke through a tp tube with dryer sheets in it, towards the fan or window..

    and take yer shower! lol love getting showers when Im high anyway.....sooooo relaxing...and sometimes

    but I def use the dryer sheet tube pretty paranoid about the rents catching it does the trick.. and like 420girlie said, right before the shower is a gooood time to toke up.

    so enjoy! good luck ;)

    peace. keep it real
  5. i've used the sheet and tube thing, I've made lots of them. the one i use now is from some plastic container, i think for spices.

    but lately i been blowing my smoke into my scooby doo pillow
  6. thanks all ima try the tube and dryer sheet tonite (friday) if my friends come through wit the 0z i helped em get (i get to keeps 3-4 dubs and i only put down 20$ heh) i hope i have a good time as well as all of u on this luvly friday night.
  7. whats up, you may not have the luxury of two windows but if you do one of them is going to blow in and one is gonna have a suction go toke near the one thats sucking the air out i have been doing it for years and even if it does smoke in there it goes away real quick and once you learn to deal with your parents high its no big deal.
  8. best thing to do is invest in a good fan. mines a 4 foot chrome remote control job.

    position the oscillating fan oposite your open window and hey presto, the smoke goes nowhere as the fan blows it outside!!!

    another good trick is to get some cannabis/hemp flavour joss sticks. burn em and when your parents kick up, you got a real excuse!!!

    my solution was to move out into my mates house. he charges me the same rent as my mum did. FUCKING TOPS MATE!!!
  9. The tube and dryer sheet are old school tricks. Use an empty toilet paper roll. Then push the dryer sheet in. That way if its found its less incriminating.

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