Week 7-8

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Chauncymcfly, Aug 23, 2008.

  1. Is there a big growth spirt the last week or so of flowering? I havent done this ina while, and I cant just wait!@ Im just ove 7 weeks into flowering, and my brand takes 8-9 weeks.

    Is it going to blow up sometime soon??? or is that wishful thinking.
  2. The growth spirt (stretch) is usually over by week 5 of flowering (strain dependent) however, the last weeks of flowering you should start to flush your plants feeding them water only no ferts the plant will focus more on resin production witch will make your buds more potent
  3. Hrmm.... its been 7weeks 2 days.. and mine are still growing. You sure?
  4. Ive been freaking out about the same thing,
    Im in week 6 with a 200w hps light and my tops are
    like an inch tall if that. I was expecting a lil more...
    post pictures of your setup im curious to see if there
    are any similarities.

  5. Yep... You're going to get the least amount of size growth the last 2 weeks. And especially the last week itself.
  6. The plants generally focus on resin production with necrosis of older leaves and what i've experianced to be about no more growth after the sixth week.. on an eight week strain

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