Week 6+ of flowering, All leaves have now pretty much fallen off

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Jlowe, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. Alright so i've tried to grow before, but the place that I can the temp is usually 100+ so every plant before has died.
    This plant was really just for fucks sake, I planted a germinated seed around January I believe? Vegged it for a while, plant looked really good and seemed to be doing great. Then I added nutes, I have 3 bottles of Earth Juice Bloom, Grow, and Microblast btw. I didn't add much at all, not even what I was recommended to do. The leaves started turning yellow and falling off. I've tried flushing and everything, and it seems like theres never a fix. Regardless, I don't care about this plant, but it is probabl in week 6 or 7 of flowering. Pretty small plant with no leaves at all only bud, but wondering what the best way to deal with this plant is? Anyway to sort of save the plant?

    it's under a 150 watt hps light btw, with 2 27 watt cfls extra on the side for about 2 weeks now? Doesn't seemed to have helped too much.
  2. I was told the yellowing of the leaves was due to a calcium/magnesium problem. Cal-Mag was recommended, havent been able to get some yet till payday but im told it does the trick.
  3. Hmm I might go pick some up if Home Depot or somewhere has it. It is pretty expensive $20+ but if it's what it takes I might go pick some up.
  4. yea, i couldnt find it here at my home depot or lowe's, I did see it on amazon.com and ebay of course. Might have to hit up the hydro shop soon. Anyways here's a vid of my grow in my sig if u want to check it out.
  5. how long did you veg that for? i think it looks pretty good... hahaha
  6. which one? the huge tree got vegged all jacked up, because it was the first ever grow and clone i had. so it got vegged for a bit, didnt know what i was doing, lol anyways grasscity has helped out a lot. The pineapple diesel is the best one i got so far, its the shorter bigger budded one in the back. it got vegged for about a month, i like doing them for a month now then switch to the flower room. The huge one on the right side is my blue dream giant, i kinda vegged it a big long so it stretched out some, but got topped a few times so i should get some nice buds.

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