Week 6 flower. Fan leaves yellowing.

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    2 month veg.
    6 weeks into flower.
    5 gallon fabric pots.
    Plants are in coco loco. 1 gallon hot soil at the bottom.
    Temps 77-78 and rh around 45-50
    Ph water 6.5-6.8

    Plants are starting to yellow. Not sure if It’s normal this early into flower or if there is another issue going on.

    Attempted to check run off today. (Normally do not water to runoff.)Ph was 7.1-7.3 and ppms were reading above 2000.

    They have been fed organically with the occasional compost tea.

    Appreciate any input.

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  2. This one is showing the least amount of yellowing. It had about 2 weeks less of veg time.

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  3. Last photo posted is gelato.. :)
  4. Damn other then leaves that's pretty. 2k seems really high, so does ph. May be at a nute lockout at this point. May want to see what others say but I would personally flush it till the ph and ppm are lower. Not sure on numbers though as I have never checked mine. But from other posts I've seen them say around there was too high. Like mentioned might want to see what someone else says though. That and I do full soils, no coco.
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  5. Appreciate the input.

    Ph and ppms are definitely on the high side. May just need a flush.
  6. The even paling of the lower leaves is a sign of nitrogen deficiency. I also see a lot of cupping/drooping of the top-most leaves, which could indicate that your lights may be too close. Temps and R.H. seem ok. pH does seem a bit high for coco. Could be nute lockout or just needs some nitrogen and to back off the lights a bit.
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  7. I was going to say the same.
    Do a flush, make sure you've got enough drainage happening too. Clay balls/rocks down the bottom work well for that. Adjust your PH in the water before you flush (because I think your figures are too high...anyone?)
    Give it a day, then feed again.

    That's looking pretty well developed for only 4 weeks into flowering...what do you have those under?
    I mean from my limited understanding usually at this stage when the leaves go yellow like that, it's because like some other part is drawing the stored goodness in them, and that there might be bigger/more useful leaves over them - so the top ones cop most of the light, and the lower ones (as pictured) become a little less important to this process, so the plant kind of just "eats" them.

    Of course, I could be completely talking out my ass here, most of what I say is my limited understanding of what friends have told me at one time or another, so yeah...grain of salt on everything I say.
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  8. Sitting waiting another few weeks for mine to be done, I've had it with the crap that people have around here. It seems to me and others that it's been blasted BHO then allowed to sit a while then bagged and whatnot, you break it up and fingers are all waxy feeling and it just tastes like crap. And all the other growers around me that had really good shit all went to straight desolate for vapes. And they charge way too much for what they get it for. So I've been on a break from much until mine is done.
  9. The lights have been raised to 20”. They were previously at 14”. 600 watts

    Thanks for the input.
  10. They are under 600 watt cobs and are actually day 4 into week 6. Had to recheck the calendar.

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  11. Bummer man. You will definitely enjoy growing your own.

    It’s been a breeze to grow and has been pretty resilient to most of the first time grower mistakes. (Ph issues, etc). It’s been the fastest developing as well.
  12. Quick update. Half way into week 7.

    Plants were flushed. Ppms were brought down between 1000-1300.

    Ph still remains a little high. 7.2

    Should they be fed anything on their next watering? Maybe a light tea?

    Gelato is 10-15 days from the expected harvest time. The others a few days after that.

    Appreciate any input.
  13. Just water, after flush is time to watch tricomes and water less, dont want to harvest a fresh watered plant, takes longer to dry that way, I've flushed mine and now down to a third of the water I use to give them and wait a day or 2 longer. Thinking it's time to darkroom the one till soil is dry, just a couple days with no light and water really speeds up drying time.
  14. I’m having similar issues with my gelato at 6 weeks flowering as shown below

    IMG_4666.JPG IMG_4669.JPG IMG_4629.JPG IMG_4631.JPG

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