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Week 5 of flowering

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Gelabbin09, Aug 13, 2020.

  1. When can i harvest guys? 31CD5926-98A2-4C92-B253-BB0DC3963571.jpeg
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  2. In 4-5 weeks IMHO, don't cut it down early, you won't be getting high at all. Should be looking at trichome color (not pistils) to determine when to pull it down but it still has a long way to go.
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  3. Pistils will give you some level of indication. In fact some people harvest exclusively by pistil color. But as @Johnny_Appleweed said, it's all about the trichomes to truly show ripeness. For $10 to $15 on Amazon you can get a 60x - 120x handheld microscope that will show you very clearly when to harvest.
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  4. 5 weeks to go.
    I routinely do 10 weeks actual in flower.
    These will be done mid Oct.

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  5. Beautiful
  6. Hi there,
    It is about the tricholme and when the are ready. You question requires a specific answer. I need more info.
    What strain are you growing and I take it that you ar growing indoors, right?
    Some indica strains will finish is 7 weeks and others will go 9 or more. Sativa will go as long as 14-15 weeks with some strains. So let us know what you got. Don't let someone convience you to cut if you still have a ways to go. Get that scope some else mentioned or a clip on lens for the cell phone.
  7. this is 5 weeks on OGeeCrasher a indica strain. Not ready. This strain goes 63 days +\-
    Shot w/ clip on lens in iPhone
  8. I agree. Pistils can be an indicator. But as stated, get a scope.

    I do go by pistils to let me know when to pull the scope out. Once my bud pistils are 50% or more orange ill start to check trichs. Up until that point I know they aren't nearing the finish line.

    On the flipside there are strains that will never ending spit white pistils so if you solely go off pisitils there's a chance you let her go way to long and trichs start degrading. I simply use the color of the pistils to indicate, alright its about time to start checking trichs
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