Week 5 of flowering !

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  1. You might look into using parabolic reflectors if you want to keep the vertical bulbs. You are losing a decent amount of light when you aren't focusing it. What type of bulbs are you using and how long have you been using them? By type I mean I've seen people use HPS/MH bulbs that came from street lamps which is no good. You have some great potential here. Nice amount of space, good spectrum with the MH/HPS mix. a few minor tweaks and you will see a huge improvement in quantity. The way the bulbs are just hanging by the wires worries me.
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  2. Hey, thank you for putting your time in.

    I just added parabolic reflectors to 2 of my 400w hps lamps yesterday and I raised them all the way up to get the whole garden under the lights. So if you check the last picture, The first and last lamps being 400w hps have been raised all the way up and have been fitted with reflectors. The middle one which is a 400w MH is still hanging without a reflector in the pendant style, although I did raise it about 2-3 inches. Lamps are mostly brand new, oldest being 5 months old and the newest was added just this week. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions or to point out anything.
  3. Thanks a lot bro.

    Light has slightly been an issue, although I think we're better now that we have made a few changes. I'll have pics uploaded asap to better explain the changes made.

    Thanks for your vote of confidence I really appreciate it <3
  4. I'll have the exact formula and % uploaded asap, thanks for asking bro.

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