Week 5 of flowering !

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    Hey guys, I'm posting pics from week 5 of flowering, Can anyone please tell me if my buds look alright as it's my first harvest. Strain is Unknown high quality bagseed which I have cloned and am growing in a SoG method ( Sea of Green ).

    I am running 2x 400W HPS and 1x 400W MH, all are without reflectors and are hung low to give the plants horizontal light ( light from the side ) .

    Oh and I Vegged them for 1 month before the 12/12 switch.

    Feel free to ask any questions, open to all suggestions. IMG_0546.jpg IMG_0547.jpg IMG_0548.jpg
  2. based on what you have told us, it would probably better for you just to tell us how it goes
  3. How is that ?
  4. I would expect to see a lot more bud at week 5 under 1200 watts.
    Keep at it though man. Maybe share a little more about your growspace. How big is the room? How many plants?
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  5. Yeah, well the room is 6 feet in lenght and 8.8 feet in width. I've currently got 11 plants budding of 2 different unknown bagseed strains and 8 short Blue Kush clones that just started stretching. I intend to add more I'm just waiting on the clones to develop a proper root system in my veg room before I flip them over the Flower. @Ryan0o
  6. Here's a few pics of my grow room so you guys can better understand the set up.

    Brown Pots are what I call the Big Guy Strain which appears to be highly sativa.

    Tall White pots I call OG Popsicle, since the buds were popsicle shaped and tasted like straight og kush. Strangely enough the OG Popsicle looks nearly identical to the Big Guy Strain in terms of height and bud formation, despite one being sativa and one being indica hybrid based on their leaves.

    Short White pots are the jewels of the room, Blue Kush strain from White Label seeds.

    Btw the room was running on 800 watts till just yesterday when we decided to add another 400W hps, bringing the rooms total to 1,200W.

    IMG_0523.jpg IMG_0504.jpg

  7. do you know what strain? i grow quick flowering strains and they're ususally a bit more bud like by 5 weeks, that looks like my AK-48s at 15ish days?

    maybe 18 days
  8. haha no unfortunately I'm not sure of the exact strain but I've smoked the bud and they were way larger than what I have atm, I'm thinking maybe it's a late flowering strain because it showed it's preflowers nearly 2 weeks after the flip to 12/12.

    But I'm still not certain..
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  9. i would class that when flowering starts then, not the flip ;-)
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  10. I was doing it when i started and always harvested too early.... i even do it a few days after now so the eager beaver tricks self into chopping later :p or ill chop early EVERY time :p
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  11. i still check the thc, just expect it to go longer than breeders suggestions anyways....
  12. Hahaha ! yeah I definately thought I should be counting a bit later so I deducted 10 days from the total but to be honest I'm at day 42 and I saw preflowers on day 14-16 so I guess i'll have to deduct 14 days which will leave me with 28 days of Flower. So how much better does that really make it look ? :p
  13. 28 days is better, much better than 42 believe me, by 42 im almost finished my plants :p

    like you said its def got some longer flowering time, but 28 is still manageable, i think blue dream is like 12-14 weeks flowering, thats insane
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  14. Thanks a lot bro, well that's definately heart warming and nerve wrecking at the same time. I'll post another pic from a different angle, what amazes me is that I pruned the lower 1/3 early into flowering and they grew so much despite that. Btw i'm not sure if you've noticed but it's a SoG type of grow so i'll hopefully be packing the room to get the optimum time:yield ratio.
  15. Btw if you're into Early flowering strains iv'e got Blue Kush baby clones just starting to stretch in the middle if you check the previous pics @nonfiction
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  16. Hmmm why don't you make your own ? Thanks though ! :p
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  17. @nonfiction Ohh I see, what you meant was that you don't have a reliable source to get new clones from :p

    I'm definately gonna check out your multi strain grow.
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