Week 5 of flowering !

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  1. end of page 2 and 3 will have my early flowering pics of ak-48
  2. Sweet, Checking them out right now and they look Tasty !
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  3. I am sorta doing that old grandma Wendy's commercial thingie, where's the beef, whoops, I mean... where's the bud, lol! Wow, 5 weeks and that's all that there is... but I will say, the flowers look pretty!
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  4. Yeah foreal Dunno why buds are small, hopefully they'll start growing vigorously and will gain multiple times their size before harvest :inlove:
  5. I believe that you need to work on using your light wiser. I work with the exact lights, but horizontal with hoods. 400watt bulbs only have about 26 inches of good penetration. any thing outside of this area will be fluffy. I get very dense buds because I keep every thing within that area. Looks great, good luck
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  6. Hey, thanks a lot for the info. The bud's don't really look fluffy but rather small in size, do you think the size is normal for 4 weeks of flowering ? As for the lighting I looked all over and I could only find the big bowl hoods. They're fine and all but the problem is that once these hoods are on, they don't exactly distribute light evenly as in they direct light downwards and also at one certain point below where they create hotspots. I appreciate the help guys :hello:
  7. ohh and btw @oldgoat The lights are pretty much 26 inches away from the furthest point (white surface behind the plants), so 3 lights and each has one section completely covered.

    Since it's a sog grow they pretty much penetrate all the way, but as for how strong it is without the hoods i'm not really sure as it's my first time trying the hoodless method.

    I'm open to any suggestions and bright ideas XD
  8. The plants are getting light. Its too spread out imo. I would bend em over, tighten the space up and throw the bulbs back in the hoods on top dem bitches

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  9. So that's been the problem ?!
  10. @punchreba What I can also do is change how the plants are set up in a way that i'll have the lamps in the center and the plants all surrounding them in a circle.
  11. If you stay verticle best bet for sure. You got good lamps for that room. Utilize the light to the fullest. I just feel currently the 2 bulbs arent being utilized to the fullest and the plants are showing

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  12. Thanks a lot bro, i'll definately start making some changes to have the optimum light absorption. I'll firstly try the stadium bare HID vertical system and if it worked out then great and if not then i'll put the reflector hoods on 2 of my 400w Hps' and i'll leave the 1 400w MH bare vertical.

    Btw my reflector hoods are vertical is that still fine ?
  13. If not too familar with the verticle style so i dont want to steer u the wrong way but i feel with your wattage getting the flowers closer to the sweet spots of the light will help alot. I bet they beef rite up. Just might take some trial and error for your room your style type of thing. Well on your way just need to get more of the intense light to your flowers.. It seems they are getting reduced lumens currently because of distance

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  14. Definately will give it a try and i'll post pics and info hopefully by tomorrow. Thanks a lot @punchreba for all the usefull info and your time. I feel much better about being able to do something about it now, I just hope they'll get to the right size by the end of this. The whole point of SoG is to have large main colas^^
  15. They look healthy man just figure out how to blast all that light on em should have some fat ass colas

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  16. Hey guys here's some pics from the new plant and light layout. It's called the stadium method, lemme know what y'all think aaiighhtt :passing-joint:

    @nonfiction @punchreba

    IMG_0550.jpg IMG_0551.jpg IMG_0575.jpg
  17. What kind of nutrients you using also you must have a phone meter ND ppm right. I read a little bit tried to get most of you questions read. They do look really healthy just not like it should be. Some reason I can not post pics but I'll get you some soon.
  18. Hey man thanks for taking the time.

    I'm using a simple N-P-K formula, a Complex Micro and Macro nutrients
  19. Plants look healthy enough no signs of over/underfeeding .

    I would say light has been an issue at some stage and if you play around a bit you will get a bit more bang for your buck.

    Keep doing what you doing and learn as you grow

    Good luck
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