Week 4 into flower

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by Ray-k-47, Mar 3, 2023.

  1. What's y'all's opinions and this is my first grow btw and this plant has 6 main bud spots hopefully I can get a half oz or so. This Pineapple express has been going for like about 4 months now from seed. Snapchat-1483137591.jpg

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  2. Anymore pics of the budsites.This one looks pretty.
  3. That's with the purple light Snapchat-1859082796.jpg

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  4. Kinda hard to say from just one pic, but looks ok. Is that strain a photo? What week of flower is it in?
  5. can we see the whole plant, what size pot is the plant in and how large is the flower space etc
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  6. For me, its week 6 and beyond that you really know how your plant is coming along. Week 4 flower is early and your plants should have just finished their stretch. The buds will fatten up a lot in the next few weeks and you'll have to watch closely for deficiencies. I think your doing great and will be very happy at harvest (unless a deficiency hits, they get me ofter late flower)

    If you have 6 heathy colas you should easily pass 1/2 ounce depending on the strain and environment. Ive had single colas weigh in over 2 ounces wet ( around a quarter dry)... Lets say 6 ounces wet (conservative) which converts to approximately 1.5 ounces for your grow. If I was a betting man, I'd say just over an ounce of pure dry bud minus stems)

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