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  1. Hey guys i had 6 plants and 4 went hermie of stress, so iam having here 2 females in 4th week of flower just started here are some pictures of them dont know theyr strains just randoms seeds

    250w cfl 2700k

    250w cfl 6500k

    ph water 5.8-5.9

    soil 6-7

    this is my first grow! :D:D:D







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    Damn your main cola's are going to be massive. Nice looking with a bit of stretch for character. I like one large cola myself, some like a lot of branching. I think the plant will give you similar weight either way. Great first grow though. Oh and you should stake those things real soon or they will get to top heavy and fall over, possibly snap the stem. Those buds will really be packing it on in the weeks to come.
  3. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hu2vMrm_xYI]YouTube - My indoor grow room part 6[/ame]
  4. plz comment guys :) my very first grow
  5. looking real good imo, as i am a newb on my first grow!!! will be watching.. do u know exactly what caused ur plants to herm on you?? if so i would love to know as i can watch out for those things in my grow as well

    good luck buddy!!!
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    yes i had a light leak didn get 100% darkness in 12/12 mode :p the plants stressed out

    those 2 plants are in 4 gallon pot each
  7. You look like you're starting clones in 12/12. Are you trying to flower them already?

  8. thanks man!! i have a few minor light leaks that around the seams that i didnt think was an issue... but i will get on that shit right away.. thanks alot bro
  9. no problems buddy just pasting the info ppl gave me here :) good luck
  10. what is the fan in the ceiling? how does it work and shit, explain please :D :D
  11. using 120mm pc fans for in and out

    on on the top and one in the middle more airflow :cool:

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