Week 3 Grow, Having Issues Today

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  1. northern lights auto
    fox farm ocean
    water every 3-4 days
    ph 7 in 5 out
    no nutes yet
    2 2700k cfls
    as you can see my plant is drooping, the ones at he bottom are down,she was doing great until today
    any thoughts?
    first grow btw


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    How is the temperature? How does it get fresh air?
    Is the pot heavy? Over watered?
  3. No,pot dry this morning
    temp about 77, open closet door with fan, its an auto so i just give her about 19 on and 5 off, door always open
    i dont know the humidity though
  4. do i ned to introduce more cfl's at this point? week 3?
    just one plant and 2 2700k cfl's.......was going to introduce a couple of 6500 in a couple of weeks
  5. over watering...even though the surface of the soil is dry, you can be sure it's damp a few inches below....the plant is small so the root system is small...it's not drinking much water at this point...and cfls don't dry out the soil like HPS does...try watering every 5 days until the plant gets bigger and starts to consume more water.
    definitely add more light asap...you want at least 150-200 actual watts when using cfls.
  6. Added a 65 and another 2700 CFL and she perked right up, it wasn't overwatering after all......
  7. If you look at your other post mines is running off two 13w 2700k for flowering but im going to get better ones thats jut the beginning but for veg im using same thing just instead of 2700k its 5000k and it looks fine i topped it bcus space is a problem so im just keepin it small but after its been topped look at 2nd pic ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1406506781.860259.jpg

    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1406506900.426772.jpg

  8. West check the pics out... What you think ?

  9. Might be overwatering.
    Once Your plant is back on track get to know Your pots weight when close to fully dry and then nicely watered.
    Be sure not to let the soil get over crispy, if so, the dry soil could become so dry it won't absorb water easily, which is bad.
    I hope I help. If there's anymore questions please feel free to PM Me for more help.
  10. The poor baby, you chopped its head off. :(
  11. Lol its looking good now though ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1406909137.854831.jpg

  12. It looks happier, but those aren't the ideal CFL color bulbs for veg. You need 6500k bulbs to mimic daytime bright light, 2700k's are for flower. You are literally stunting the plants growth, and making it take a much longer time than normal, by supplying it with autumn lights...in what should be spring/summer.
  13. Nah im doin 12/12 . Im doin micro grow for now . First grow and ill let it get biger on next grow . Just tlexperimenting how small n how much bud i can get .

  14. if watering that thing every 3-4 days, I'd say the culprit is overwatering! The plant is trying to perform processes that occur during vegetation and you are hindering this process with the spectrum of light you are using! Try and get closer to 6200k-6500k. Stick your finger in the soil, when dry to at least the first digit, water. Keep it Green! Peace!
  15. I just said im in flowering . I dont want it grow so damn big its an experiment . Just to see how small i can keep it . I have the 6500k bulbs n used them for veg but i started flowering so i switched to 2700k .

  16. Really? Hmm...don't tell these girls that they're being stunted then.

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  17. Lol tell em . 😂😂😂👌👍

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    Tell me what? Like I don't know what a successful CFL grow looks like in veg? Derp. See my sig below to see them today :lol:
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    Your plants aren't all that hot, sorry.  Under 6500k's look a lot better, so yes, you are stunting their growth :poke:
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