Week 11 from sprout

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  1. 4 auto's day 79, hoping to be done by the 7th

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  2. Been on this site 10 years and finally have some nice buds to harvest
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  3. What breeder and strain if ya dont mind!?

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  4. yep great looking Buds mate ,,,what lights did you grow that monster under ?,,mac,,
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  5. They may not be ready by the 7th. The 4th plant may, it appears to be farther along but it may be the lighting.
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  6. Top two are White widow from dinafem
    bottom left is Malana bomb from barneys (freebie)
    bottom right is Fantasmo Express from Mephisto
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  7. I started with a DE 600 watt cmh!
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  8. Yeah sorry the pics are of different lighting. I can let them go longer, only thing slowing me down is heat with no ac. Temps sitting around 85 inside tent but only for a few hours.
  9. If u can get that down 2-3° degrees u'll be golden

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