week 1 of flowering.

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  1. ok so these seeds sprouted one month ago and i am using these plants as mothers for a sog grow that i am starting in the next month.

    this is day 5 of flowering.....i just switched it to 12/12 so i could see what sex they were.....how long is it going to take until i start seeing pre flowers?

    after i see the pre flowers, i then switch back to veg...should it be 18/6 or 24/0? ive been hearing 24/0 with some superthrive.

    any ind of help would be great. so glad this grow is on the road.... cant wait for some heady buds :smoke:

    heres some pictures of them....ive been LST'ing them to keep them short....about to start topping like crazy once the sex is determined. i want some binsis and i beleivethats how you do it?!?!

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  2. i bet you are root bound in those plastic cups, please do yourself a favor and get some pots ;)
  3. ya ill get some real pots and root trim them once i find the mothers...i dont have a lot of room in my cabinet so i can fit a bnch ofthose in there

  4. Yes, Transplant, yesterday, Root Bound, is not your friend. A, 7 - 10 gallon Grow/pot/bag, is what they need.

    Also, go, 18/0 , you will be surprised on just, how much they grow, in 6 hours of SOLID DARK. No light leaks, or, you may turn them, Hermie.:eek:
  5. alright thanks for the response...7 to 10 gallon pots are not going to work tho, at least right now. I know they need to be transplanted but, the cab im grow in is 36h 24w 20d..... when will i start seeing preflowers so i can pitch the males and them re pot to bigger pots.

    and white widow- your saying put them in 18/6 once i detrime sex?

  6. I'm stating a fact. You can't grow much more top foliage, when your roots, cannot grow. So, whats your choice. A tiny harvest, or a bigger home for them. Dude, this info is well documented, so why did you choose such a weak setup, to begin with ?

    No offense is implicated.
  7. take it easy man....i posted in ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS for a reason. id love to give them the biggest home possible but for right now thats all i can do....when my sog starts ill have a huge cabinet with tons of space. but for now i just want to know how long until i see the preflowers. then ill re pot and then everyone is happy
  8. i think u should start seeing preflowering signs about 2 or 3 weeks long
  9. Thank you...i thought it might be something like that...wasent sure tho
  10. this is one of the best books on growing.

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  11. ya i know, i bought a copy at a bookstore and they havent ever bought a replacement copy. unfortunately i gave it to a friend to borrow and havent gotten it back yet.

    it has a ton of useful info but i still like reading the forums to see what other people do.

    see ya :smoke:
  12. am i trippin or is it in the vegg state
  13. What? my plants? there on 12/12 right now.... been a little more than a week now

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