weeee fun night

Discussion in 'General' started by head4life, Oct 12, 2007.

  1. [​IMG]

    got a G of 90/10 for 50

    and a oz of this for 40

  2. *salivates*

  3. put the rest of the brick up so we can all see that it's shwag :p im jsut fucking nwith you bro texas is home of fire coke. :D
  4. What kind of pills are those?
  5. They look like Addies
  6. what the hell is 90/10?
  7. 90% pure 10% cut

  8. 90% pure, 10% cutting agents...

    lol... Virtu beat me to it :D
  9. pills are hydroxyzine

    and yep its fire fishscale mmmmmmm

  10. i doubt that, no hate

  11. naw I tested it only 10% didn't dissolve in water
  12. oh wow I havce never been this wired on blow in my life



    brick coke thats how you know its good some FYA
  13. Enjoy man, I got me two grams of Florida fishscale tonight. I'm fuckin blowed. I love this high quality shit right off them boats!!
  14. hell yeah man you know wasup

    im geekin major!
  15. Isn't music so much better when your geek'd and drunk? I love to blast music when I'm sniffin
  16. oh yeah im bumpin big moe may he RIP this lines for you moe!

  17. haha shit my fellow coke head who has since passed I was just reading over some of your old post RIP daphney I did some fish for you the other night wish you coulda seen it shit was nothin but rocks fuckin got me geeked the fuck out

    fish scale owns anyone who doesnt think so can go to hell!
  18. Man you got me trippin bringing back this old thread. I thought daphney was back somehow :(
  19. '

    shit man I was going over her old post sad and I just saw this one and decided to post

    fuck why did she have to die so young

    fucking a man the best die to OD :(

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