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  1. ok so long story short... parents called cops on me for tryin to fight my dad and now im getting drug tested soon but i have to stop for like 2 weeks to a month and life has been getting really hard and suicide has been on mind so i figured id clear my head for a but.....but i saw a few days someone have was keeping a diary on here for not smoking so i figured it would help me to do that. so pretty much im going to update this everyday and tell u how my day has been without the herb... its going to be hard to stop cause i have extreme ADHD and anxiety.. thanks guys for reading thing and please no critisism, i hope you guys are having great days
  2. Hey man, keep your chin up. everyone has their struggles, but never let yourself fight your dad, that is a situation that never ends well. keep your sig in mind and have a great break
  3. its kind of weird but tthat just made my day man, thanks for the support :)
  4. dont worry man, I will smoke one for you!

    things could always be worse and even though its hard now, just keep this in mind; you only live once and YOU have the power to make things bettor or worse for yourself...dont give anyone that power over you.
  5. While weed isn't a bad substance, sometimes it can complicate matters in certain situations. I'm on a little break right now to get my parents off my back and get my money going. Just look at the bright side of everything; I know it's cliche, but until you find that you are your own best friend, you can't help yourself.

    Just keep in mind how much you've been through. I think of my past all the time, and it just makes me stronger and want to succeed more. I hope you can gain at least something from my post; I know you will gain something if you continue to write your feelings down.

    And by the way I get pretty bad anxiety sometimes, too. I hate it because I always told myself I would never be like my dad in that regard, and I've always been a laid back person, but quitting smoking for a while will actually help it. You will learn to deal with everything in a clear state of mind; I believe that a t-break will help all heavy/regular smokers physically and emotionally.

    Just hang in there! After all, you'll have your girl Mary Jane waiting for you after you get things figured out! ;)
  6. Sorry to hear the situation son, but keep your head up. Personally, as a previously daily toker I find that you don't really enjoy the wonders of the herb. If you only smoke once a week, or take a long t-break (like yourself) the high you get is not only so much fucking better, but it's so much more rewarding. Don't get me wrong, i love getting high all day but it gets to a point where your wasting your money to get an hour buzz.
  7. you guys are awesome.... helping me look on the bright side. you guys are awesome people :) thanks for the support.. im going to post day 1 of no weed in a minutes!
  8. DAY 1 : no herb
    my day: ok so usually i start my day off by milkin up my bong than heading off to school (im a senior, but i am 18!) but this morning i just got up, had some coffee and a cigarette than went to school. went to go hang with friends and they went to smoke so i left ... and i was so bored ): so i went on a run and had a delicious meal! hahah, than i hung with my girlfriend who doesnt smoke.. and that was fun.... :)

    my thoughts and reactions to having no weed:
    well.. i do feel alot more clear headed. but i feel sad.. nothing to lift up my spirits... i feel distant from reality the same way ganja did when i first started tokin.. but i definatly feel alot more bored but i like having a clear head but i just cant wait to get back to smoking but im gonna take the best of my situation and use not smoking to my advantage and get in shape and better myself...

    thanks for reading guys! have a great night or day depending on where you live.. toke up a fatty for me if one of u guys will... and feel free to post it on here..that would lift my spirits up haha :)
  9. i just got out of a 3 month stretch without the ganja, so i know how you feel. The first few days are the hardest, then you kinda just get used to it. So just get through those couple days and youre good :p
  10. The first day is definitely the hardest!

    I actually wanted to say that I hung out with my friends yesterday; one is on probation and the other is getting clean for a job. We threw the football, went to the mall and searched for girls, and threw in a couple of burnouts in friend #1's truck for good measure. I swear it was the first time I've been to the mall sober in about 2 years, and it really was a lot of fun! I don't know, sometimes being sober can top being high. Normally we are zombies in the mall because we are high and there isn't anything really memorable, just a habit to smoke before doing anything, but this time was a ton of fun and just goes to show you can have fun with stoner friends without smoking!

    Hopefully picking up a little 10-15 sack today, will be the first time since Sunday. I really do think I am going to start smoking mostly on the weekends. After smoking nonstop for a couple of years, the change really makes you feel alive!
  11. That person who you saw taking a break would be me :cool: Good on you for making the decision to take a break. It can be very hard to do so if you're used to smoking vast quantities of cannabis but definitely has its benefits. You will save a shitload of money and getting out of bed/doing simple tasks are no longer ball crushing missions. Your diet will also improve and you will have more energy. There are a lot of negatives to it too, no doubt, but don't focus on them or you will fail the break horribly. I know from experience that blazing large quantities when you've got some serious issues going on is a bad idea, because you will have a shitty high and worry intensely about even minor problems.

    Good luck friend, hope everything works out for you :)
  12. ok so i kind of forget to update yesterday but im going to skip to day 3 ...

    day 3:
    todays been so rough i just want to smoke so bad.
    so to add to my mess in life i got 3 referrals at school yesterday and i got grounded for it today.. for the whole weekend and i just want to smoke sooooo bad!!!
    but i cant.. ive got to stay strong... im smoking a crazy amount of cigs haha. being sober kind of feels right now.. i miss the herb though.

    happy toking everybody thanks for viewing :)
  13. i totally support your weed break descision. even for the heaviest smokers, especially for the heaviest smokers, an occaisional break is crucial to preserve your mind. think of these unfortunate events as an opportunity to take a much needed break.
  14. Dang I support you man.

    We both started a T break at the same time...Kinda strange lol.

    And I was planning on quitting for 2-4 weeks....just like you :eek::eek: lol kinda crazy coincidences. I'm T breaking for personal reasons though.

    Stay strong man, You will make it through it. Definitly start working out. Even though I still work out when I smoke, it helps me to deal with not smoking.

    I know this sounds weird but...Does time seem to go by faster when your sober?

    Iunno I usually smoke all day everyday kinda thing, so whenever I stop smoking it just so drastically hits me how fast the day will go by.
  15. amen on the working out! i probly woulda turned to crack by now if not for working out.

  16. Hang in there, Brah! I have been following your posts with interest and I gave you +rep and props!

    You are doing good and you are doing the right thing! Keep going!:bolt:
  17. ive had to go on a mini break (so i can buy my son lots of christmas presents) i FUCKING HATE xmas!! anyways its the shittest situation ever.. i cant sleep or eat, tv is shite films are shite, playstation is shite.. sex helps!! but i remember going on a break when my on was first born.. i lasted four month. i learned a lot about myself in those 4months and it really helped me settle down and be a good dad/person.. anyways my main point is, altho having a break is hard it really does help and when you go back to weed you enjoy it so much more..

    good luck buddy!!

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