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Weedstar vs. Ehle vs. others

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by EmericanStoner, Feb 18, 2009.

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    I'm looking into buying my first bong and I definitely am getting a glass on glass piece. What are some glass bongs that are good yet on the cheaper side? So far Ehle and Weedstar have really great prices, and fantastic features for the price. I'm only looking to spend around 50$ or so, but I will spend a little more if its a really nice piece. Suggestions on brands/particular models? Thanks ;) :wave:

    P.S. Please don't tell me "save up and buy a Roor, Illadelph, etc" because I am going to probably get one of those in maybe 6 months or so, but I want a starting out bong first as I am saving my money for other things right now.

    EDIT: I am noticing a lot of Weedstar bongs have carbs in them which is completely stupid imo... I'm not sure if all of them have carbs but I definitely don't want a carbhole in my bong haha.
  2. bump...cmon guys need some help please ;)
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    ehle and weedstar are both good companies with good products. i can't really say one is better than the other so i advise you to ignore the brand and find the bong YOU want. you say you don't want a carb hole-- get one without a carb hole. other than that look at the things you look at in any bong:

    thickness: both brands are gonna have multiple thicknesses available. obviously thicker is better but your gonna have to balance thickness with price.
    joint strength: unless it advertises a bistable joint or a thick joint you aren't gonna be able to judge this without physically seeing the bong.
    joint size. you are almost certainly gonna be lookin at the choice between 14.5 or 18.8. 18.8 milks faster and clears faster. 14.5 has cheaper parts and many places seem to have more 14.5 accessories.
    chamber volume: bigger chamber=bigger hit=puts you on your ass that much more. i'm sure you can figure out how big you want your bong.
    accesories: does it come with a diffuser? how much would it cost to get a diffuser? does the bong come with any extra bowls or other goodies?
    looks: do YOU like the way it looks?
    price: obviously your lookin for the best bong in your price range. from what i've seen online you might wanna up your price range a bit to maybe $70-$80 dollars because your gonna have a lot more options and probably end up with a much better piece.

    if you know what to look for in a bong you shouldn't have a hard time narrowing it down to a few choices. once you've done that just pick the one you like the most.

    edit: ice pinches are a nice addition too
  4. I find rolling blunt one thousand times better because you dont have to worry about friends dropping them. Go to a smoke shop and buy flavored blunts
  5. a blunt is just not a substitute for a bong.

    i did a quick search on EDIT and for your price range i'd go with this:

    and i would add one of these:
    make sure your get the right size if you go for the diffy.
  6. Thanks for all the info. That Ehle looks awesome to me, I feel a lot more comfortable buying one of those instead of a weedstar because all weedstars have carbholes, which kinda defeats the whole point of a bong imo. The problem is on EDIT almost all the Ehle bongs in my price range are out of stock. The site had no info on how long it would be, any ideas on when they would be in stock? :wave:
  7. not sure what their stock situation is but ehle isn't a rare make so i'd imagine it should be back in stock soon. if i were you i'd shoot them an email and they should be able to give you an idea. btw i know you don't wanna spend more than 50 but the diffuser is def worth the extra money. of course if you can't afford it now you can always order one later.
  8. go with ehle, for sure.

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