weeds season six online?? need to watch!!!

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  1. im fuckin pissed. been watching weeds for the past 3 days now netflix decides they dont have season six and i think 7. wtf!!! i pay for your shit to watch what i want not to have to fucking order everything!!!! but does anybody know where i can watch season six online?
  2. i made a thread bout weeds and there a link of all the season. Just have to look for it
  3. There is no season seven yet, and six JUST aired this last summer/fall. If they've released the box set yet, it couldn't have been out for long. Usually netflix doesn't put brand new television series in their instant watch for a little while. A quick search on google will yield you what you want as well. There is no reason to get pissed off at a company that provides an excellent service just because they don't cater to your every whim.
  4. i use netflix quite often i don't think they provide bad service i guess they are very good at what they do!!!!!!!!!
  5. yeah i was watching season 6 online when it aired, tv goes online literally like the same night just need to know where to look.



    my two favorite options

    those are just basically search engines for video hosting, it shows you the links for the show. In terms of an actual video hosting site I use to watch them, look for VidxDen, nice quality and no timer like megavideo
  6. Weeds sucks now....I loved Season 1...maybe 2. When they introduced all that Mexican drama crap....it ruined the show.
    However, the daughter of that middle eastern guy is HOT and so is the daughter of Esteban....I lik'em. :)

  7. Exactly. Season 1 and 2 were the shit but imo after she moved out of agrestic the show just went downhill. and then they got rid of celia. she was an awesome milf.
  8. Might want to check the Pirate Bay. I think i saw the full 6th season there. OR you can
    buy it like a decent human being who is not me.

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