Weedle Grow (WW) 1st Grow.

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    Hey welcome to my grow journal.

    My Plants Name Is Weedle (Friend named)
    White Widow (Feminized)

    Veg Time:
    3 Weeks 24 hour lighting.
    1 week 18/6

    Flowering Time:
    8 Weeks.

    Bubble Bucket.

    Lighting Type:
    CFL's - 4 X 15WATT Bulbs (2700K)

    Hey This is my journal for my first grow, Ive been reading up on how to grow and what to do for about a month now, and in the last week ive felt im ready to grow.

    My setup is a 1m box which is 26inches wide and 20inches deep, Im going to be using a bubble bucket because ive been told they produce better yeilds than soil. My lighting isnt great but i got the best bulbs i could. I made my own reflector out of an old chocolates tin and flipped it upside down and wired my lights into it, It does reflect alot of light and its uniform so it shouldnt create Hotspots.

    My ventalation is a seperate box i built with a large fan fitted into it, this goes ontop of the grow box.

    My seeds

    I purchased my 5 feminized white widow seeds from www.cannabis-seeds.com and in the Greenhouse Seeds section, i couldnt order directly from greenhouse seeds because they wouldnt accept my payment type, through the other site even though the price increased by around £7 (14$) it was worth it for next day delivery and they accepted my payment type.


    4 seeds left since one is germinating.

    My germinating Seed

    Well my grow journy starts from this one seed And i recon its gonna give me afew challenges along the way (fingers crossed im prepared!).

    After this first grow i dont think ill ever stop growing, simply because buying weed isnt asgood astheticly to myself and i know what im getting:hello:.


    Ill be updating regulary on growth once its germinated, But till then its a waiting game to see if this baby Germinates.

    My Setup

    Heres a pic of the box which sits ontop of my box venting the system.


    Picture of the fan which is mounted inside.


    The Inside Look.

    Celebrations! :hello:

    Any info on growing or even to how improve my topic Would be appreciated, Questions Are also Welcome.

    Thanks for Veiwing and wish me luck!:smoking:
  2. For me it's alot of fun just as a hobby starting to grow weed, can't wait till I can produce something better than I can buy.

    Good luck with your grow, especially with 1 seed (at least you will have a couple back up seeds this way instead of growing them all at once)
  3. 1 seed?

    I would at least do 2 seeds and if things go wrong, you still have 3 back up seeds;)
  4. My seed is currently germinating still, seed hasnt split yet, currently in my airingcuppord with a lid on the plastic tub.

    Baught my nutes today for veg, got some water soluable nutes which are 24 - 8 -16, not the greatest for veg but its the best i could find:devious:

    Also saw some rooting hormones for £2 (4$) for like 75grams, snapped that up also.
  5. Finally this morning i saw a small taproot, asked mels on some advice and he said i could transplant into my bucket, had to use cottonwoolbecause nothing else was available to me.

    Taproot is down in the cotton wool which i peirced down through so the root can grow down. Couple of days till a sprout i hope!


    anyway thats it in the bubble bucket now, realy excited.
  6. Seed is realy starting to split and i beleave ill have a sprout by tomorrow, bubble bucket didnt disturb my sleep at all from the low humming noise it makes.

    Has anybdy grown in their room and got fed up with the sound of their buckets lol?

    Anyway ill ask an few quick questions if sombody could awnswer, when should i nute? (i know not for afew weeks butactually when?)

    also when should i turn the lights on? asoon as i have a sprout?

    Water storage

    Thank you council for providing me with a lovely new water container.


    dunno how much it stores but itll have time to evaporate chemicals out of the water, means i dont have to water straight from the tap.


    late night edit.

    checked on the seedling and the root for somreason was growing sideways along the top of my cotton wool. Using some tweezers carefully pulled it out and put it down the peiced hole i made.

  7. lets just hope i get some fems this time, then this will be gd. Can't wait for the comparison.
  8. yea well just incase you dont get any fems dude you should cover yourself with what i told you.
  9. Seedling:hello:


  10. Fuckin sweet bro, I just pulled my males, cleaned out the BBs and planted. I got a sprout thats just about to pop its seed, damn this is going to be good.
  11. Hey man good luck with your grow! Im doing something veerrrryyy similar to this, Ill have pics up later today you should check it out:smoking:. Oh yeah and dont just settle, order some stuff online. The more you put in, the more you get out:hello:.
  12. Oh yeah and how far down did you set your plant into your BB? I just put mine in about 2 inches down so it could get to the nutes and i swear its working great but what do you think?
  13. ye mines bout an inch down from the rim to ensure its getting what it needs.
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    Day 6

    Having alot of height growth now, lastnight became worryd the plant was dud because it was leaning over looking pathetic and didnt change for about 20 hours, spoke to Mels and he saidto give it another night, checked it this morning and noticed it was finally starting to point to the sky.


    Btw, idk where the hell that bitty stuffs coming from lol
  15. Day 7

    not much of a change from yesterday, the right leaves got a lil bigger and its got a lil taller


    isnt growing too fast but atleast its alive!
  16. Day 8

    Leaves are forming pretty fast now.

    Also mels convinved me to Scrog this plant, so i made my screen yesterday afternoon.


    Also added 2 computer fans either side of the top of my BB so i can get the light closer to my seedling and hopefully thatl thicken up his stem a lil.
  17. Day 9

    Ok since i was only going to count Veg time from when it had its first pair of lil leaves today is

    Veg Day 1

    Anyway heres the pic :eek:

  18. Looking good matey! :hello:

    Are you in the UK? If you are please use the UK Growers link in my sig and join the UK Grower GC social group, I'm trying to round up all the Brits so we've got somewhere to compare the nutes, mediums, lights etc that are available over here.

    Hydro is not my thing atm but does any light get into your rez through the cotton wool? It's my understanding that the rez should be kept in total darkness to prevent algae growth and other probs. Please set me straight if this is not the case.

    Good Luck
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    more like glows and yes its a problem im going to tackle when i can, just waiting for the sprout to grow to the rim of the lid then ill fill over the top with more stones.

    yes im from the uk so ill join that community :eek:

    my friends nabbing his 6400k CFLS from around his house, think theyre 25watters each, so well have 100watts on the plat for veg, gonna wire up the other 4 i have (the 2700ks) then have all 8 lights in there totaling 160watts for ma plant, should help me get a better yeild, because the better my yeild, the longer itll take me to smoke it :hello:
  20. cool. more light = more bud, it really is that simple. :)

    glad to have you at the UK Growers group :wave:

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