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  1. Made me quit ciggarets..true story:smoke:
  2. I wish it would make me do that, I think it could, if I could afford to buy a quarter a day. :p
  3. Did it MAKE you? or just convince u ? lol
  4. jesus ciggarettes are such nasty shit.

    i dont see how people get addictted to em.
  5. hah same thing here. I smoked alot to but i came to a point where i just decided it was cigerettes or bud. Well the decision was obvious:smoke:.

  6. i would say convince...i just sat for a moment and thought to myself why smoke a cig and later be like ''oh man I should quit'' when I can get a joint and later be ''damns im fucken happy'' know what I mean?:smoke:
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  7. Cool. Yeah when I quit cigs, everytime I wanted a cigarette, I smoked a joint. I usually got so high I forgot that I wanted a cig.

    I am glad I don't smoke cigs anymore. Waste of money and cigarette smoke doesn't smell great either, unlike weed smoke.

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