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  1. Weed World Marijuana magazine has published two of my articles in their April issue. They requested i write them back in January 2006.

    They also requested i write a article with high res pictures of our April 20 meet and greet and the May 6 Calgary Global Marijuana March.
    No problem there anymore, i don't have to rely on others to get the high res pictures anymore (3 people dropped that ball, more then once for one of them). I have a Nikon DS 50 with lens filters and a second lens for longer wider shots as well. Also have my old sony digital camera for low res videos.

    They even said they are trying to get me some magazines (from their USA distributor) to give away at our rallies. Currently we have Skunk magazine and TreatingYourSelf.com magazine as our cannabis magazine giveaways. We are working on getting other cannabis magazines on board as well.

    We also have four local head shops coming to give away free prizes too.

    Thank you bsdwolf for all the hard work you have been doing and continue to do. You ROCK big time. I will make sure you go home very happy and well medicated. Heh heh bet you already knew that eh...

    Keith Fagin

    P.S. I have wrote ariticles for Skunk Magazine, Treating Your Self magazine and now Weed World as well.

    Maybe it is time to write some articles for HT or Heads or Cannabis Health or ...

    Keith Fagin

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