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weed withdrawals?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Keep It Lit, May 12, 2011.

  1. I've been an everyday smoker for a little longer than a year now, and I decided it was time for my first tolerance break.

    I'm on my fourth day of my T-break and I feel like shit.

    I haven't been able to fall asleep at night. I'm constantly nauseous with a loss of appetite. I've been having regular headaches, and in general I've just been kind of out of it.

    Are these symptoms common when taking a tolerance break?

    And to anyone with a similar experience when taking a tolerance break - How long do these symptoms usually last and at what point do you think I'll start to feel like myself again?

    Thanks in advance to anyone who replies
  2. It's called the three day hump. It'll pass... keep at it bro.
  3. Yup. You'll be fine.
  4. OP i'm having the same issue, while at work i just get insane nausea to where i cant even like stand it at all. I don't really have the insomnia issue, but i do feel like i don't wanna eat except when im baked now.
    Also coughing on a regular basis now with no smoke being inhaled.

    advice... Wait it out like the rest of us :|
  5. i actually said "this little bitch must be outa his fuckin mind" to my monitor when I read ur title.
  6. when you stop all of a sudden your body gets pissed off at you cause it was having such a great time and you fucked it up. my advice is to go from smoking however much(im guessing you smoked a pretty good amount if your having problems) to a bowl once in a while then to nothing then go on a nice none symptom free t break. of you can just brave it for a week or however long but slowing down first has always worked for me

  7. Yeah that happens. But, after the first few days it's actually not that bad. Just keep occupied and do whatever you usually do but without cannabis. Just think about how much less you will spend on weed and that less weed will get you way higher!

    How long are you taking a beak? I would do at least 1 week but, 1 month+ would be best.
  8. theres actually been evidence or some shit on erowids of weed giving withdrawal symptoms to long time smokers havent read it in awhile so if anyone wants to prove me wrong feel free
  9. i've been smoking for almost 6 years, but only solid dank daily for a little over a year, and the occasional day i do miss, i do kinda feel like shit. just like a dull feeling, like im missing something, but then i realize it's just cuz im sober. i was gonna say something else, but i just smoked a phatty jay to my dome, so i can't recall what it was.
  10. THC, like anything, stays in your system. Its like this: if you are taking T3's daily for a year and stop, you go through withdrawals. Its the same for weed, you are constantly supplying your body with THC, so when you quit, your body panics because its not used to the sudden stop in THC intake. The best way that I find to go on a Tbreak is to just slow your habit over a certain time so you get used to less THC. Then, when you quit completely, your body won't react as much.
  11. you won't feel like shit in a couple days
  12. Just ride it out, like other people said it only last a few days. Everytime I take a t break I end up staying up for 36hrs feeling blah. Also the first time you take a break after becoming a long term smoker is the worst. Pretty much the same thing your going through happened to me.
    I recommend exercising and making sure to drink lots of water. Gluck!
  13. IME - after 5-6 days your sleeping will go back to normal...but until then its a bitch!
  14. Whatever you say mong.

    It passes pretty quickly and the more times you go through it the less effect it seems to have, I've gone through so many at this point when I stop smoking I just feel normal. Getting your mind on other stuff pretty much is your best bet.
  15. The first three days of my tolerance breaks suck. I feel depressed. Melatonin helps me sleep. [google it]
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    I remember something like this. It's basically the body getting used to being sober and not having the daily dose of the herbs compounds. I think.
  17. I've never had a withdrawal from smoking weed. Maybe it's something magical I do, or maybe your mind is shaped by subliminal thoughts, and you've brainwashed yourself.
  18. It will pass, but it's not just the marijuana that does this. Anything that you do every day will cause withdrawals when abruptly stopped.

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