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Weed with no smell?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Green Plant, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. Recently i came across some weed that had very little smell to it. If anything, i thought it smelled like styrofoam? I'm honestly not sure what to think of it. It looked like some pretty bomb weed, there was just little to no smell to it? Any explainations? thanks in advance.

    P.s: it smoked pretty good though :smoking:
  2. Taste and smell are dependant on strain, and the drying and curing process. How did it taste? I have heard water curing will kill a lot of the smell.
  3. It had a plastic- like taste to it. it smelled the same way, kinda like plastic or styrofoam or somthing. but no weed smell at all
  4. Sure it wasn't sprayed with some shit? Maybe it's just the grow. Weeds weird man, ive smoked brown schwag looking stuff full of seeds and stems but reaked like a skunk and knocked me on my ass, i love trying new strains :)
  5. was it still like in full nugs or ground up? It may be vaped weed lol that would suck but I don't know the guy just throwing the possibilitie out there sorry for my grammar heavily medicated:smoke:
  6. Probably just the strain. Endless genetic possibilities.
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  7. exlpain?
  8. Usually if the bud has been handled alot (taken out, put in bags, played with) most of the smell will go. But once you break it up it should smell goood.
  9. its meth, youre going to die
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  10. ^ I hate you...
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  11. [quote name='"Green Plant"']

    Its a plant. A plant with different strains. Like how there are different types of apples. So the genetic possibilities are like endless.
  12. not all strains have a strong dank smell

    some of the best have a mild,sweet one
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  13. Plastic/styrofoam isn't quite mild and sweet....:confused:
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  14. explanation: eventually we all smoke so much weed that the skunky smell starts to blend in?
  15. ^^^lol no way. i know weed usually smells skunky, which is my concern about this stuff, because it doesnt smell haha.

  16. What you smoked was de-scented skunk,
    Has not much smell to it but yes it did have a slight pineey aroma to it though,
    I smoked it regularly and a lot of it for quite a few months and really liked it not much taste aswell...but still a nice overall skunk smashing hit.

  17. Look, another lunatic that thinks plastic and pine smell the same. When your weed smells like plastic, the shits full of synthetic fertilizers. Unless it's a skunky bubblegum type of plastic smell.

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