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  1. Yeah and theres a limit of how high you can grow them. Canadas legaliaztion of cannabis is lathetic.
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  2. He absolutely knows it is detrimental to the economy rise in America. In order to gain favors of conservatives says he does not like it. We have not gone one step back even though every year they act like everything will just go away. It is here even has surprised people by astonishing statistics they did not expect. Like every state that legalized had a 25% less suicide rate.
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    Actually only one province has stated that( one of the pararie provinces). but non the less it's unfair if you grow pure sativas.... well I could see scrog being the loop hole. lol no sir my plant is only 20" tall... but 6' wide ma ha ha
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    Any info/sources on how they're gonna deal with tourism? When I whip out my USA ID am I gonna be denied?

    edit:: googled it, nvm
  5. good luck with 4 plants in a 4x4 :p
  6. Congrats. I'm jealous.
  7. legalizing it doesn't change anything. there won't be dispensaries, prices will be high, and you won't be aloud to smoke in public. Its only beneficial to the government. It's what got the liberals elected.
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  8. Depends where your live- here in BC there's dispensaries on every street and mail order delivery for anyone over 19. Getting a medical card is very easy too
  9. those dispensaries are still illegal they just don't care out there. I live in Ottawa...
  10. They mail medical grade quality to anyone in Canada over age 19, & there's so many walk in stores it's hilarious
  11. Prices quoted on the Canadian dispensary websites are significantly lower than n the U.S. Even with a potential $1 per gram tax, the difference with U.S. California dispensary prices are awesome for Canuck buyers.
  12. how do you figure? 11 buck a gram is 11 bucks a gram. as a usd to cad conversion that 11 bucks equal to about 8.65/ gram so as always US has the better buying power.

    I just hope they honor the pricing teirs like 10/g - 30/3.5g 200/28g, but fuck that I got a garden of my own.
  13. You're right, I was mistaken and had the conversion reversed. I would expect that recreational prices in California will go up with added taxes (State and local). soon.
  14. Woah! That's a great news!
    I`ll plan my summer vacations, according to that news :weed:
  15. That´s really nice unfortunatly this won´t happen in sweden in 50 years or so since the government here is shite and they still think cannabis is the devils lettuce.
    They have made raids against companies that sell´s cbd only product´s around here ffs!
    And if you use cbd product´s and make a drug test and it shows you have thc in the test (but still a very little amount so you even won´t get high of it) you can get charges and have to pay a fine for that.
    It´s so frustrating and fucked up.
  16. yea!!
    welcome bruce willis.gif
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  17. I will be in Montreal at the end of May/beginning of June. It won't be officially "legal" but I would imagine it wouldn't be very difficult to track down... Well, at least I'm hoping that's the case...
  18. what a joke. the gov't is trying to make sure they can capitalize as much as possible from it. hence the delays... And how they can regulate it so it doesn't affect the tobacco, alcohol, and big pharma. It will be legal yes, but only if you do it their way.
  19. Actually the delays are from the conservative senators in the upper senate trying to block and delay the bill as long as possible to make the Trudeau government look bad. Their ploy has failed thus far as the bill is on track to be approved by the upper House of Commons after being reviewed by the 5 boards that are going to do so.

    Moral of the story is conservatives are always trying to make you live the way they think you should live, as always.

    First to third grow. From beginner to novice lol.
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  20. as if trudeau needs any outside help to look bad lol

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