Weed wars

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  1. Tune in to Weed Wars Thursday, December 1 at 10PM E/P on Discovery
  2. Am confused about that guy^ but ya I will be checking out this show seen the commercials, looks interesting
  3. I just wonder how long it will take the Feds to stick their nose in it and say "no more".
  4. Feds have already stuck their nose into Harborside's business. IRS is demanding like 2.4 million from them I believe, can't wait to watch though.
  5. Yep finally something good to watch.
  6. It's funny the Feds want taxes on something that is " illegal " on the federal level.

  7. Ahhh the irony. It makes my side hurt.
  8. i keep forgetting about this, first it was to be on in november, but i forgot, then i found out in was on in december and figured woo, then i forgot, now you have reminded me, bet i forget again and end up missing the lot :smoke:
  9. Maybe this will help them see how many tax dollars they are missing out on. But on the other hand these pharmaceutical companies will never let it be legalized.
  10. I don't know when Weed Wars was filmed but I know some TV channel was shopping dispensaries to participate in a reality show here in CO during the summer. Last I heard everyone was saying no.
  11. Weed Wars is on Right Now! Tune In!!

  12. It was filmed over the last year or so. They were there numerous times filming while I was standing in line.

  13. do they win the appeal????
  14. No they don't
  15. From what I understand they lost the appeal but were given the option to make 3 payment's?

    Would anyone here give away 21 million dollar's???......um.

    It was an alright show, seemed to be brought to us in a decent manner anyone else have any thought's?

    I enjoyed it = )
  16. Santa Smokes weed!!!
  17. I thought it was a great show, hope they keep it up. The characters are interesting and you get to see good sides and bad sides of them. I especially liked the little thumbnails on some of the patients who had big health problems; anyone watching has to feel empathy for them.

    My only worry is that out here in red-state dixie land, those guys owning and running the dispensary are going to be dismissed fast as bay area hippie/wierdos, despite their depiction as business people. SO for the haters the show is just going to perpetuate the stereotypes that keep us from having a good debate on how fucked up cannabis policy really is.

    Still it beats just about any other tv programming on my list. And it probably helps overall just to have major tv channels show real people solving real problems day in, day out, while also showing love for cannabis. :cool:
  18. we need to pay more attention to the facts, they want them to pay 1.1 million dollars or 3 payments of 350,000 bucks or so, before i would ever try to explain my thoughts on a subject, i try hard to obtain the facts of what was said, and how in the good green earth they dont have 1.1 million on hand, all i hear and see is money money money, i wanna see help people help people help people help patients, stay stoned keep green and keep ur mouth shut and your trap open
  19. I think a few of the characters give the whole thing a bad name. I dont remember his name but the one brother with short hair and glasses who is constantly blitzed and talking like a steriotypical stoner dude and the crazy guy wearing a dress. Is that really the face of medical cannabis we need the uneducated puplic to see and judge it by? Then the send those two in to the hearing with a weak speech and Paul Bunyan in a damn sun dress! I would have laughed them out the door too! These guys have good intentions but it seems like they smoke too much to really think about the image they are portraying on behalf of the cause. I get the whole "be yourself" thing but you cant have a few weirdos speaking for an entire movement.

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