Weed vs. Hash

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  1. This may be somewhere else in GC but the more the merrier, right?
    I just wanted people's opinions on differences between hash and weed highs, and which you like better?

    I have only vaped hash and smoked weed. With vamping hash, it's more handlable and slow coming on... Ill take a few rips and be at my highest point about fifteen minutes after. I noticed I have to piss a lot after vaping hash, too. Idk why. One time, when I was about 13, I was fuckin baked in my room and my mom walked in, my eyes were pure red and I talked to her, handled it like a professional toker. If I had smoked weed to the point where I was the same highness level, I think I wouldn't have been able to think clearly at all.
    Overall, I think weed highs are stronger, but the bad effects are also stronger. I think I like vaping hash better for if I might have to socialize, but if I was just gonna lay back and get stoned I'd prefer some good ol Mary Jane.

    "Some folks say that smokin' herb is a crime, if they catch ya smokin' there bound to drop the dime... insufferable, informal, crazy fools" -Bradley Nowell (Sublime)
  2. I barely get weed and alot of hash and I like weed more...
    That is because of my location there isn't alot of weed here
  3. I've had both. I strongly prefer fresh, green buds, the way it's found in nature (or a little better).
  4. haven't smoked just hash for a while, mainly hash oil for about a month straight. and wow it gets me stoned, but it doesn't have the same lethargic ''fucked up'' feeling as indicas etc. its great to smoke a few dabs and then a few bowls, then you got the awesome thc high on top of some more thc of a different strain, and a bunch of other cannabinoids.
  5. I think the reason vaping hash did that was because you vaped it. I feel similar when I vape straight herb. It takes longer to set in and leaves me more clear headed than if I smoked it.

    As for the question it depends. I like weed because it feels simpler to gauge quality and it tastes better.. but hash can be much more potent than just weed.

    Herb > normal hash
    Herb < great hash
  6. ¯\(_o)/¯

    I like teh hash, probably because it's more concentrated

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