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Weed vs BHO edibles

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by MattBee2k2, Mar 7, 2016.

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    I need this cleared up for me. Been googling stuff and think I have an understanding of how to go about making the edibles and dosing but I'm confused about one aspect of the dosing.

    So I just tried edibles for the first time last night and each edible had 1g of weed through it, I ended up eating 4 and my friends had 1 and they were really high and I had a mild high for the night. So I looked that up and 1g of weed is about 100mg of THC per edible and where I stay, 1g of weed would be £10.

    I've decided I'll try making edibles with BHO this coming weekend as I thought it'd be stronger so I was researching the dosages for that and essentially 1g of bho would equal around 750mg of THC so:

    1g weed = 100mg THC = £10 (£60 a quarter)
    1g bho = 750mg = £80

    Now if I were just smoking/dabbing then 1g of wax would last me like a week(few days of constant dabbing) and i'd be really high but 8g of weed would give me a light buzz and be done in a day.

    Why use BHO at all if weed seems more cost effective when making edibles? or am I missing something. Seems like the edibles wouldn't be any stronger using BHO even though dabbing is tons stronger than smoking weed, like a dab will get you as high as a joint would .

    How can wax be more cost effective than weed for smoking but end up being the same in edibles? Like £10 of weed would not get me near as high or last near as long as £10 of bho would so why is £10 of weed stronger than £10 of bho in edibles

    Finally, if these numbers are right, is it even worth me making edibles from some bho or am I better using actual weed for that and keep the bho for dabbing?

    Thanks for any info, if anything needs explaining/rewritten then let me know.
  2. The thing is, you can't actually know the mg of THC in a gram of weed unless you know the percentage of THC in the weed. If the weed is 10% THC, then 100mg would be correct. If the weed was 15% THC, then it would be 150mg, and so on.
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  3. Those were just generalised estimates for the average calculation that people were using online. And those are the numbers i'm just using hypothetically to answer my question. If it were more than 10% then confusion is even greater as it would mean it's even cheaper to make edibles with weed. Especially since it'd take way more than 8gram of weed to get a gram of bho.
  4. There are alot of people that edibles have a minimal effect on. I am one of them. Last time I tried edibles I ate 250mg thc and got a very mild high, then got tired. I gave up on them.
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  5. THC isn't some magic sugar you just add to the equation to make it potent... To acquire the nature of the plant extracting elements from it does you minimal good. You need literally, the entire plant, to have medicine. Extracted matter is fools science that has no proven results besides numbers on a chart.

    Think if you thought you could get drunk off of grapes because all you had to do was smash them together before you consumed them...
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  6. This is me too, I have to make some extremely potent edibles or I don't get a good high. I dropped 5g of kief and 7g of bud into oil for some brownies and they were finally strong enough for me.
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  7. You smoke stems and leaves? You smoke your dank fresh off the plant or dried and cured? You make no sense. I have noticed you hating on concentrates in other threads. Have you ever tried them?
  8. Everybody smokes the leaves, that's why it's the most recognized symbol for people who do marijuana.

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  9. Is this a troll post or u being serious? I have never smoked straight leaves.
  10. Nah, j/k. I used to think that as a young teenager though.

    I have smoked top-shelf trim when I ran out, never fanleaves.
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  11. Edibles as I have had them with cannbutter or cannaoil infusion do me very little to a high because stomach acids breakdown thc-a (acidic) and has a delayed release timing. I point out the particular failure of edibles to release the active thc-b (basic gas particles) that physically simulates the receptor sites that engage the user in feeling high. Many people get high from food with or without weed in it, I make the case that smoke is the most effective way to disperse the surface area of combusted plant material to the contact of the organs on the body. And yeah I burn stems and leaves too, kinda really fun if you happen to enjoy weed as I do. Don't create hate where it wasn't previously found please.
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