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weed vapor inhaler???

Discussion in 'DIY and Homemade' started by babyjesus420, Oct 28, 2012.

  1. I was wondering if there is anyway to fill an inhaler with weed vapor or something? You know take a quick puff when you are out and "can't breathe." So if anyone has ever done it or finds a way to I think that would be a great if you could post it here or direct me in the right direction.
  2. I see you would like to direct you in the right direction. Go buy a pen vape or something similar to the size of your inhaler. Making vapor from weed and then somehow pressurizing it to put in a asthma device. I dont think so. :p
  3. Even if you were able to get weed vapor inside an inhaler, which isn't possible for a number of reasons, I'm pretty sure the vapor would just condense and stick to the sides of the inhaler long before you took your first "puff". An e-cig with cannabinoid tincture or one of the hash oil vaporizers that are designed to resemble one would be your best bet for publicly inconspicuous tokes, or for even more stealth you could fill an eye dropper bottle with tincture and just "accidentally" drop it into your mouth instead of your eyes.
    Just some thoughts :smoke:
  4. Theres a vape called the Iinhalator or something like that

    Do a search on fuckcombustion.com

    Not cheap though, about $200
  5. ProTip: liquids when under high pressure will turn into a mist under rapid de-pressurization. i do this with alcohol for shits and giggles, and only a tiny tiny amount is needed. what is the point of this? a ready to go oil/tincture concentrate can be not quite vaporized, but certainly mist-ified xD

    try it with a bike pump, a cork and a plastic bottle, have fun :wave:
  6. After looking at this thread I thought about what you said for a second and here is the only way I could see this being feasible. The inhaler would not work as a traditional inhaler, it would be used as a cover to the true mechanics behind the hypothetical device. A gutter inhaler containing a battery running to a connector plate with an atomizer similar to an electronic cigarette. Incorporate the cartridge that sticks out normally into a button, so that when you press down the inhaler a full connection is made to the battery, which heats up a coil that has some sort of weed tincture. This would work if you were to cook up a batch of propylene glycol with weed to extract it. The mixture could be vaped out of the discrete inhaler vaporizer. The problem is finding the right vape temperature you must take into accounts volts, watts, resistances, etc.

    Disclaimer: This is all hypothetical, proceed at your own caution.
  7. [quote name='"YosemiteToker"']

    My friend has the puffit,
    Gets me SO baked with little to no smell,
    Super stealth[/quote]
    Do you have to push the button to vape?
  8. [quote name='"babyjesus420"']
    Do you have to push the button to vape?[/quote]

    You hold the top button until the light turns green, you can let go of the button then inhale until the light turns red
  9. [quote name='"YosemiteToker"']

    You hold the top button until the light turns green, you can let go of the button then inhale until the light turns red[/quote]

    I just might have to invest in one

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