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Weed Travel Kit

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by idkwhattoput, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. When I go on road trips I usually carry a box of Altoids with a very small pipe a small bag of weed a lighter and two altoids does anybody else do something like this
  2. I always carry one of those bags with the rope straps. if my stuff isn't loose in there I usually keep it in an old snus container or inside an empty djarum black cigar box.
  3. Ya i just put it in my backpack though.
  4. yea i have this perfect little box. i have weed, visine, lighter, gum, a little bit of cologne, and rolling papers. and on the inside of the box theres a mirror for your eyes :smoke:
  5. When I roll out...I pack all my stuff in a duffle bag that goes in the trunk......I carry everything weed related that I own...never had any problems
  6. I carry an iPhone case with a pill bottle of bud, lighter, 3 pipes (1 glass chillum, a wooden pipe, and a 1 hitter) and that shit's convenient lol
  7. wonderbread sandwich container.
    small pipe.
    small bag of weed.
    2 lighters.
    1 dryer sheet.
    1 quarter sized coconut lotion.
  8. I have a metal lunch box with Jack Skellington on it that holds my blunt wraps, papers, Rhotos, lighters, pill bottle of weed and Vatra capsule case with my bubbler in it.

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