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    I dont seem to understand why weed is being called the bad drug. I just dont understand people condemning weed. The only thing I ever saw a smoker (one of my friends) do is sit on the couch eating chips, laughing and not harming anyone, lol. Drunk drivers kill many people each year. So why do people say weed is such a bad drug when it is actually an herb and most people who smoke it dont harm anyone? I say it is bullshit but thats just my opinion. Am I wrong in my opinion? If so please enlighten me.
  2. I think it's important to be aware that weed isn't some perfect substance. It is after all still a psychoactive substance that doesn't agree with everyone. That said, far less negative effects than alcohol.
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  3. I agree completely. I have not seen anyone with bad side effects from weed but I have only been around friends when they smoke it so Im not saying it doesnt happen, Im just saying I have not heard of it as often as bad effects of everything else.
  4. The potential to literally make money from trees is what gives the drug of cash such danger to people. Think of how the feds could not control the population if citizens could be free to grow their own plants and prevent sickness from happening if they had access to actual effective medicine.

    The system is set up for post-care insurance scams that tax you when you need help, not preventative nutrition and dietary guidelines that keep healthy people well. Weed makes too much money and the federal government doesn't want that money in the hands of the people.

    Controlled substance act of 1970 issues the reasons why 'marijuana' has absolutely no medical value. And marijuana is a racist term created by Harry J. Anslinger, the FBI director in the 1930s, to disproportionately keep Mexicans out of the affairs of whites.

    Racism is the root of why propaganda pushers in the Hitler age made marijuana illegal and prohibition of alcohol repealed.
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  5. Yea exactly, this does make perfect sense, the government dont want us to live too long and they want all the money they can get from us and they havent found a way to tax weed so they do this as a cover up like everything else.
  6. Ignorance...That's how we're where we are at now.

    Ignorance and stupidity, in vast quantities...So much so we ship some of it overseas.:coolalt:
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