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Weed Tea

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by HazyYy, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. OK so I used:
    1 gram of dank
    2 1/2 tbsp of butter
    1 1/2 cups of hot water
    1/8 cup whole milk

  2. Weed tea worked in grandmas boy. And you know that everything in movies is true.

    but seriously i have no idea i cant cook worth a shit:smoke:
  3. Your recipe looks pretty decent, I have made succesful tea and not so succesful, You need to make sure you let the bud sit on the stove for a good 20 mins on a medium-low setting, and the butter and milk need to be in the pot to absorb THC, a MUCH better recipe would be using half and half, you dont have to worry about butter seperating from the water and it is still loaded with fat, and whats even better than tea w/ half anf hlaf is hot chocolate:smoke:
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    my brother used coconut milk when he was in the peace corps. apparently, it fucked him up real good, but he has a mega low tolerance. since then, he has wanted to, but has been way too lazy. i would say grind the weed up really fine, dry it out a bit more, and then try to grind it up some more.

    edit- look up recipes for mother's milk. i have never tried it myself, but it sounds solid. also, i concur, half and half would be preferable to butter. and to all the vegans out there, there is coconut cream too:smoke:
  5. i have successfully made tea, but one of my friend's used to make this chai spice vanilla tea or some shit with milk and all these crazy spices. He called it Bhang because it was some middle eastern recipe and it fucked you up real good. A little shot would make you feel super nice, but a whole cupful was plenty to do you in. I am not sure how he made it, but chronic tea for sure works wonders. Just let it cool down before drinking, or if you want the ultra dank, put it in a water bottle or something in the freezer until its almost frozen. Chronic iced tea is so bomb and it gets you really baked, no joke.

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