Weed tea?

Discussion in 'General' started by Bigjoshman, Apr 15, 2016.

  1. So I just ground up a ton of weed because I like to be discreet because my parents complain about the smell so while they were gone I ground up my bud outside. I separated my indica from sativa put in plastic baggies and into a mason jar. I had stems I collected from both that I put in a small baggie. I think it's a good amount of stems but I don't know how many and what size should be used for weed tea? I like green tea so I figure it might be something fun to use the stems for

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  2. I take it you're not trying to get a buzz, just some flavorful tea? If so, add enough stems to make a flavor you enjoy.
  3. i only tried to use stems once gave me a headache and no buzz. you should be better off using real weed and some fat to bind the thc in your tea.
  4. You can get a buzz from stem tea but you must decarb your stems and extract the THC with some kind of oil, like cream or butter. It's probably easiest to make cannabutter and add some of that to your tea. IMO you should toss your stems, make some green tea and smoke a bowl. It'll taste much better.

    Check out Bad Kat's cannapharm thread. There's a tea recipe in there somewhere I think but it's an amazing thread anyway.
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  5. You can also make cannabutter or cannabis milk and put it inside your coffee, as well.

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