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Weed taste?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DanLovesWeed, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. Yo guys, new to the forum, just wanting all your opinions on how weed tastes. Mine always taste the same, i hear a lot of people saying "oh yeah mine tastes like lemon, or some other fruit" mine always just tastes like.. i dunno i can't explain just tastes like i'm smoking a plant haha. Is it because i live in England and we just get schwagg all the time or what? Anyone guys let me know what you think

    Dan x
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    If you vape your weed you can taste it a lot more. I think it also depends on how you're smoking it. I have heard that diffusion from bongs can take away flavor. Different strains taste differently, so maybe your dealer gets from a grower who grows the same strain over and over.
  3. Cheers for the reply man, i just smoke spliffs man, England is awful for finding weed so i don't have a dealer, i just get it here and there so it's normally always different, just seems to taste like the same planty taste, i just wanna taste like a hint of lemon or something ;p
  4. You don't taste lemon and neither do they. But you can taste pine and a few other flavors.
  5. So when they say "oh this is lemon kush" etc, it won't actually have a scent of lemon or taste of lemon?

    what tastes should i get?

  6. Idk, every time I've had "flavored" weed it still just tastes like weed to me. Some of my friends say they can taste it, but I can't
  7. I think when people say they taste lemon or strawberry or whatever, they just really want to believe it's true so they do. like a placebo thing
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    They can taste it because they are stoned. There are no flavors. That's the strain name.
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    Some dealers. Take a qtr, And will actually put it in a jar with a lemon cut in half and let it sit and sell it as "lemon haze".
  10. Ive had me some Lemon Kush, and I dunno what you were smokin' but mine tasted lemony and smelled like straight lemons. :) It was absolutely delicious. Ive also had Sour Diesel, which actually has a sour taste to it, and a diesely smell. I smoked some Blueberry a long ass time ago, and it tasted like straight blueberries.. so yeah, weed has flavor, theres different ways to do it, through candy extracts in the growing medium before flushing, or growing your plants next to a field of lemons. sorry for babbling yo, i just love tasty weed.
  11. Did you describe weed as having a diesely smell? I'm sorry but that's ridiculous.
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    After reading your whole post I now see and hope that this is a joke.

  13. all the pros know that having your weed smell like fuel is the best :rolleyes:
  14. I agree and disagree. While I don't think I've ever had weed that tasted lemony, I generally either get weed that tastes sweet and fruity or tastes piney (still a flavor). I know this is not the same as having weed taste like pineapples or strawberry, but they still have a different taste.

    I never noticed the taste differences until I got my vape. Basically, the weed will taste how it smells.

    To the OP: Maybe it has to do with smoking spliffs. I know spliffs are big in Europe. Perhaps the tobacco and paper masks the taste of the weed? Try smoking a j with only weed.

  15. That's actually a very good point mate, just the way i've always known haha, but yeah i'll try just weed, cheers!
  16. i dont what some others are talking about but ive tasted flavors in strains, i smoked some shit not to long that taste like strawberries, got me high as hell to. But i can admit tho there is alot of flavored weed i dont taste
  17. Well, fuck you buddy. thats my opinion, and what i believe. so enjoy your tasteless scentless weed.. fuckin weirdo. :rolleyes:
  18. dont smoke toby man it masks the flavor,
    ive been smoking spliffs for a while, smoked a pure weed jay last night and it was a real flavorful treat :)

    Every strain I have ever tried tasted slightly different,

    Tobacco also changes your sense of taste and smell so it could make everything taste the same Sense wise, i dunno QUT THAT SHIT ANYWAYS MAN ITL KILL U. FUCK CIGGARETTES

  19. :confused:

    I rarely get anything but dank and its really easy to find weed.
  20. It's not you it's england the only bud there is overpriced mids

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