Weed+Study= A+ on Exam?

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  1. I' have never studied for an exam high or taken an exam high. I go to Michigan so I can't really afford to mess up 1 exam and I want some info on the subject from more experienced tokers. do you do better on an exam if you study high and take the test high then you would if you studied normally and took the test normally?
  2. I tested the study high, take the test high= high grades theory back when I was still in High School. I only did it once, others may have had better experiences but I got a 65 on the test.

    Maybe I got too blazed before I studied, who knows.
  3. I am ur man I live in monroe MI. It all matters on the subject if its math and your blazed you will allways make mistakes.But if it is Histroy or something that uses memorie then you will do realy good trust me. Good Luck
  4. I've been wondering this too but I cant take the risk of bombing an exam at LSU.. I'd only do it if like your professor drops your lowest test grade or something like that. Or you can take some adderall or something before you study that way you concentrate extremely well
  5. Good thing it ain't English !!!:rolleyes:
  6. I wouldn't bother with the risk. Everyone is different and if you don't know from experience don't try it. I would say keep up with your work, get plenty of sleep and eat breakfast, also go to class and shit. THis way you'll do fine no matter what.

  7. I agree with this completely. I used to go to class blazed all the time in high school, but I haven't risked it even once in college...well, except for sociology. College is far important, I leave the weed for nights and weekends now.
  8. Yeah, I agree that it's probably a bad idea unless you already know how it will effect your studying. Although some people can do it totally fine, my guess is that most can't.

    If you wanted to test it out, get high and do some homework that isn't due for a while. Then check it over when you're sober and see if it's just ridiculous or if it's actually good.

    But I would reccomend just using weed as an extra-curricular activity - save getting high for once you're done with your work for the day and you'll be twice as willing to finish your work.
  9. hahaha, the two have never mixed well with me. Everytime I get high and need to study.. I end up letting the high part of me take over and go do random activities. It's also way too hard to concentrate on reading or memorizing anything while stoned.
  10. I tried it once. I thought getting a little high would help prevent me from getting bored while studying. But it just made me zone out. I would be reading something then I would just start day-dreaming

    But who knows, maybe you would react to it differently.
  11. I wouldn't risk it. I go to Colorado State and wouldn't want to risk it. But I kind of have to agree with that other guy, if it's a science subject like Math or Physics then don't even try going blazed. But for say History or Psychology try it out since those classes aren't really factual based but open to individual interpretation, depending on the course level.
  12. I always tell myself that if I do good on my tests then I will light up a fat blunt for my achievement and it has worked everytime this year so far. Its that whole psychological "rewarding yourself when you do something good" thing

  13. This is the way to do it, after you get your shit taken care of. The high is much better!

  14. Defiantly, it works for me atleast and the high feels so good because all the stress is over with from the studying and test taking! :smoking:
  15. honestly it depends on how high/quaility, i wouldnt reccomended taking a exam after smoking an e blunt, or 2 personal roor bowls, just a rip or 2 out of the bowl, might help stimulate your mind
  16. studying high or taking tests high probably isn't gunna work out for your best interest. but if you have to write papers or something like that blazing can help sometimes from my experiance.
  17. I've had the exact opposite experience^
    When i get blazed and try to write papers i end going on ridiculous off subject tangents and i read it over when im sober and im like wtf did i think this was good or what lol.

    But history and and social studies im a beast at high. Weed actually makes that shit interesting.

    I also do bio and chem hw high all the time. Math it depends if i fully understand or not and if i dont i end up drawing stupid pictures all over the test and turning it blank lol
  18. In my creative writing class I can ONLY write my essays/stories high. Oh yeah, I OWNED in the poetry unit.:smoking:
  19. I always found that being super blitzed was fine for me... I was pretty much super blitzed through most of college. I am ADHD though, and I've been reading that good ol' MJ can help ADD & ADHD people focus better, so maybe thats it.

    Unfortunately, I don't have a baseline to compare to (since I was stoned the whole time I was in school)

  20. umm add means you should probably be takin adderall

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