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Weed strands

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by MadeInJapan, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. Whats your favorite weed strand? N Do u like satvia or indica more? really liking pineapple express again.. I use to love iti% awhile back now I found my refound in pineapple express..which is either a satvia or a hybrid. N I like satvia more but lately I been wantin a indica cuz I been smokin too much satvia. Time to switch it up.. what about yall?
  2. It's strains btw, but I like both indica and sativa, each has appropriate times.
  3. I was just trippin bout that a min ago n change it both from strains to strands.. I was trippin myself out like naw that shit dont sound right haha.. N the sativa oh well u kno what I mean..
    Anyways what ur favorite
  4. I like hybrids mostly, but indicas are fine.. og kush i like i lot

    ive never really smoked a true sativa bud before
  5. I would have to agree with the Pineapple Express! Been growing and smoking it for a while now, never seems to get old.
  6. I grew this autoflowering plant a while back that had the strain name Hi-Jack and possessed this amazing lemony-orange smell; its undoubtedly the best smelling cannabis I've ever had, even if all the plants I grew from that strain decided to herm at the end of their growth cycle.

    I've also had blue dream that was a lot more potent then the previously mentioned Hi-Jack which produced a copious amount of vapor.
  7. Sativas, and Blue Dream is pretty fun.
  8. Oh yes I like blue dream too.. N girl scout cookies.. N Alaskan thunderfuck :))
  9. Sativa = Sour Diesel
    Hybrid = Blue Dream
    Indica = GDP
  10. Blue dream and that ak47 are two really good strains.
  11. AK47 is the next thing I'm getting and ill be damned if I dont
  12. The strands I prefer most are

  13. Im addin heriojuana to my list
  14. Sativa - Snowcap
    Hybrid - Blue Dream
    Indica - MK Ultra or G13
  15. smoking some white rhino. and it's soooo good, the strain i had before this was alaskan thunderfuck like you mentioned, which is hella good.
    idk, this white rhino is just so good, i've been waiting months to smoke it, and now that i did i had to tell someone it was worth the wait. i'm high.
    anyways, pretty much all the weed i get is so good.
    i've also tried some pineapple express like stated above, it was real good, but nothing real impressive, maybe next time i'll get some better grown shit.

    sorry for not really answering your question. hahah. let's just say i'm happy with my pickups most of the time.
  16. Granddaddy purple is prolly my number 1
    Im down with a nice stinky kush nd a good daytime haze

    My favorite to smoke when im just kickin it watchin a movie is deff indica
  17. Jus finished a PE grow.. smokes fantasic..
    Fav strains:
    Mendo purps
    Sfv kush
    Northern lights
    Durban poison

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